Diamond Aircraft Plans To Double Production, Needs More People


Diamond Aircraft intends to “double production” in 2019, and is looking for staff to achieve that goal. More than a year after Wanfeng Aviation purchased Diamond Aircraft, the company claims to be ready to take production to 150 units worldwide, and so needs an additional 200 staff members in both Austria and Canada.

That production figure would be significant for a company that built 137 piston aircraft in 2017, 132 in 2016, and 144 in 2015. (Sales figures for 2018 are not yet available.) In 2017, production of the DA-40 dominated, with 60 built, followed by the DA-42 (36 units) and the DA-62 (33 units.)

“In 2018 we added more than 100 employees in Austria,” says Liqun Zhang, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Austria. “We are planning to increase our staff capacity from more than 600 to 800 for 2019.” The job opportunities at the Austrian facility are in research & development, sales and administration. In Canada, where Diamond currently employs more than 300, the company is seeking more workers, especially in the “skilled trades.”

Interested in applying? Click here for jobs in Austria and here for jobs in Canada.