Diamond Delivers First DA62 MPP


Diamond’s special-mission version of its DA62 light twin, the MPP (multi-purpose platform), which was introduced last year at the Paris Air Show, has been delivered to its first customer, the company said this week. DEA Specialised Airborne Operations, based in the UK, will use the aircraft to provide airborne-sensing services, such as surveillance and surveys. With a full-fuel payload of 1,000 pounds, the all-composite DA62 can fly missions up to 10 hours, while providing more space for crew and equipment than Diamond’s other multi-purpose aircraft. The surveillance technology has been “field proven” and benefits from continuous improvement during more than a decade of operations, said Mathias Hutterer, head of the airborne sensing department at Diamond Aircraft Austria.

The MPP is equipped with turbocharged Austro Engine AE330 powerplants that burn jet fuel at 7.4 gallons per hour at loiter speed. The passenger version has room for seven seats, so the repurposed cabin provides plenty of room for mission equipment. The MPP version also has a satellite antenna pod, camera turrets and a strengthened nose assembly to accommodate up to 220 pounds of surveillance gear. Diamond provides all necessary training for pilots, equipment operators and maintenance staff. The MPP will be on static display at the Farnborough Airshow in England, July 16 to 22.