Diamond’s First DA42 On Display In Austrian Museum


Diamond Aircraft’s first DA42 Twin Star has a new home in Austria’s science and industry museum, theTechnisches Museum Wien in Vienna. The twin-engine diesel airplane had its first flightin December 2002 in Austria with Diamond CEO Christian Dries as test pilot. A year and a half later, the DA42 made the first nonstop Atlantic crossing by a diesel engine-powered GA airplane. Theairplane received FAA certification in 2005.

The DA42’s composite design, twin diesel engines and glass cockpit elevated Diamond’s profile in the light airplane market. The AE300 engine, developed and produced by Austro Engine, part of Diamond Aircraft Group, also is on exhibit at the museum.”Our DA42 combines three innovations at once – state-of-the-art carbon technology, modern avionics and the most efficient drive technology. The plane is used for private flying, for airline and military pilot training and for remote sensing applications,” Dries said in a statement. Updated versions of the DA42 remain in production.