Dissimilar Ignition Replaces Troublesome Units


Electroair has launched the design approval project to provide an alternative to a troublesome magneto that has a history of service difficulties and is on about 6,000 engines. The Bendix D2000/D3000 Dual Magneto, which operates two conventional mags off a single drive, has been a maintenance headache and safety concern for years. Electroair’s answer is a single unit that incorporates an electronic ignition for one set of plugs and a mechanical magneto for the other set.

Spokesman Michael Kobylik said dissimilar ignition systems are becoming a popular alternative to traditional mags because the electronic systems offer much more precise spark control while the mechanical setup offers redundancy if there is an electrical failure. To build the dual system, the company had to design its own mechanical system because it had previously built only electronic ignitions. The high energy rotor produces excess power that can serve as a backup generator.