Dynon Adds WiFi To Portable EFIS


Dynon has introduced the D2, a small portable MEMS-based AHRS true artificial horizon with WiFi suitable for use by all pilots but not certified for aircraft flown outside of the experimental and light sport categories. The WiFi connectivity can be used to transmit real-time attitude, GPS ground speed, G’s, track, and altitude to an aviation application (WingX Pro7, AOPA FlyQ, BendixKing myWingMan and specific others) for display on an iPad or other smart device. Compared to the D1, the D2 also adds an extra screen with a G-meter. The new product does not replace the old one but adds to Dynon’s product line and alters pricing.

Dynon says the D2 sells for $1,425 and the original D1 will now take the price of $1,195. Both products offer accurate pitch and roll, according to Dynon, that can even accurately seek the horizon when turned on mid-flight. The AHRS in either unit also drives a slip/skid ball and turn rate indicator and an internal GPS displays GPS ground speed, altitude, vertical speed and ground track. Dynon says the D2 will be available starting Oct. 6 and will be shown at AOPA Summit in Ft. Worth, Texas, this Oct. 10-12.