Dynon Expands Its Certified Retrofit Avionics Suite


The Dynon Certified HDX retrofit flight display has an STC for installation in Cessna 172 models, but Dynon announced that it is expanding the upgrade to include Beech V35B Bonanza and Piper Seneca aircraft. Looking ahead further into 2019, Dynon is targeting the Cessna 182, Mooney M20, Cirrus SR20 and the Piper PA28 for STC approval.

The company said the first aircraft to be added to the existing Dynon Certified HDX model list will be the Beechcraft V35B, with approval expected in the last quarter of 2018. It will include a second display option (7-inch or 10-inch versions), the Dynon Comm radio, a dedicated control panel for the integrated autopilot and a dedicated control panel for controlling the displays. Dynon is estimating the total cost for the components and the STC at $28,531, which includes dual 10-inch HDX displays, the Dynon three-axis autopilot, ADS-B Out, engine monitoring module and installation kits.

Additionally, the Piper Seneca is expected to have an HDX STC in the last quarter of 2018 and will have the option for adding a third HDX display for dual engine monitoring. Dynon hasn’t yet announced pricing for the Seneca package. A second display option will also be available for the Cessna 172.

Dynon is doing something interesting when it comes to installation, which includes the currently approved Cessna 172. Since it hasn’t completely grown its network of installing avionics shops, many potential HDX Certified buyers don’t have good options for having the installation accomplished. According to Dynon, at the time of equipment purchase, buyers can nominate a qualified installer (either an avionics repair station or A&P with IA credentials) and if approved (which includes a three-year factory warranty for the equipment), that installer will be specifically identified on the STC permission statement. The buyer contracts directly with the installer for all of the labor to get the job done.

“We’re particularly excited about the ability for Cessna 172 owners to buy directly from us and use an A&P/IA or repair station of their choice while we spool up our installation network,” Dynon’s Michael Schofield told AVweb.

There are currently only two authorized Dynon Certified installation centers—Thrust Flight in Addison, Texas, and Merrill Field Instruments in Anchorage, Alaska.

For more on the Dynon Certified STC schedule and pricing structure, visit the Dynon Avionics webpage.