Rotax To End 582 UL Engine Production


BRP-Rotax has announced that it plans to end production of the two-stroke Rotax 582 UL aircraft engine by end of 2021. According to the company, the decision was made due to the “nearly full transition” of the light and ultralight aircraft markets to four-stroke engines. Rotax says the 582 UL will remain available for as long as existing stock lasts.

“The Rotax 582 UL engine is the last 2-stoke aircraft engine in series production and was definitely part of our company success in the past,” said BRP-Rotax general manager Peter Oelsinger. “The decision however reflects the market reality. Almost 100% of the customers demand 4-stroke aircraft engines; a demand that we can definitely fulfill with our range of innovative and high-quality 4-stroke aircraft engines.”

Rotax reports that it has sold more than 30,000 582 UL engines since the model entered service in 1989. The two-cylinder, liquid-cooled 582 UL offers 65 HP and a 300-hour TBO. Rotax says it is aiming to provide spare parts for the engine model for up to 10 years after production stops.

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  1. Worthy of kudos is their commitment to continue parts support for a very reasonable period. Too many times we encounter experiences like my attempt to get a replacement cord for my 2-year old multi-hundred dollar noise canceling headphones and being told they no longer support that model.

  2. You can bet pricing of parts will not remain “steady” over the next ten years. I’d be buying wear-and-tear items and gaskets etc right now at today’s prices if I intended to keep flying a 582.