FAA OKs Eclipse Upgrades


The FAA has completed Supplemental Type Certification for the auto-throttle and anti-skid brake system on the Eclipse 550 twin-engine jet, Eclipse Aerospace said this week. The auto-throttle, developed in partnership with Innovative Solutions & Support, is a first for FAR Part 23 aircraft, Eclipse said. The system enables the autopilot to automatically adjust engine power settings and reduces pilot workload. The new braking system requires only a few components and doesn’t rely on hydraulics, Eclipse said, allowing for easy operation and maintenance. The anti-skid brakes will stop the airplane at normal landing speeds in about 700 feet, Eclipse said.

“The development and certification of these new technologies is the result of a great team effort between Eclipse, Innovative Solutions & Support, Advent Aerospace, and the FAA,” said Cary Winter, vice president for manufacturing at Eclipse.”The addition of these new technologies exemplifies our commitment to build the safest, simplest to operate, jet in the world.” The Eclipse 550 is the all-new, factory-built version of the Eclipse 500 jet, in production since last year.