FAA To Publish Remote Connectivity Guidance


The FAA said that it is working to finalize an Advisory Circular (AC) related to the use of connectivity technologies in a letter to the Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) on Tuesday. The AC is designed to provide guidance on using technologies such as video and live streaming for remote witnessing, allowing certain oversight activities, tests and inspections needed for FAA compliance to be conducted without individuals needing to be physically present.

A draft of the AC, titled “Guidance for Using Remote Connectivity Technology and Tools,” (PDF) was submitted by the ARSA and 15 other aviation organizations last May. Its development was coordinated with the FAA. According to the agency, “The Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) and Flight Standards (FS) are working together to finalize the draft of the AC and begin the publication process.” The FAA says the AC will likely be published in October 2019.

In the interim, the letter (PDF) goes on to say that AIR plans to publish a policy statement on remote connectivity in the next few months that “will align with the guidance in the AC” and “allow [the] industry to begin using remote connectivity upon its publication.” Currently, the FAA says that “FS policy and guidance do not prohibit the use of remote connectivity” and that FS will address questions and support remote connectivity requests until the AC is published.