Garmin Intros New Gyro, Audio Panel


Garmin continues to expand its line of avionics for experimental and light sport aircraft with the introduction of two new products this week, the G5 gyro and a pair of low-cost audio panels. Both products are aimed at the experimental and LSA segments. The G5 isa 3 1/8-inch self-contained electronic gyro for use as a stand-alone or backup instrument. Equipped with autopilot annunciation, the G5 can be paired with the GMC 307 or 305 autopilot mode controllers and GSA 29 autopilot servos. That means it can actually function as a stand-alone autopilot for LSAs and EAB aircraft. It can also be paired with the new aera 660 portable GPS through a serial port to allow lateral and vertical flightplan coupling.

The G5 displays attitude, ground track, altitude, airspeed, groundspeed, vertical speed, slip/skid, course deviation, vertical deviation and also features a dedicated HSI page. If it’s used with Garmin’s popular G3X display, the G5 can serve as a redundant ADAHRS source to feed data to the G3X. The instrument can also have an optional battery pack good for four hours of operation without ship’s power. The G5 is expected to be available in April 2016 at a price of $1199, plus an additional $150 for the battery backup pack.

The GMA 245 is a panel-mount audio panel that’s also available in a remote version, the 245R. Both of the new products are designed to work with the G3X Touch EFIS systems. Garmin says these audio panels expand the feature set of the G3X Touch by allowing wireless interface of smartphones and tablets to easily make and receive phone calls and stream music. The controls are simplified to make operation easy and both include Garmin’s 3D Audio feature. Bluetooth capability allows interface with Garmin’s VIRB XE action camera.The GMA 245R is expected to be available in April 2016 starting at $1199 and the GMA 245 will be available in May 2016 starting at $1325.These are suggested retail prices, according to Garmin.

Click here for a video preview of the new avionics.