GoPro Camera Belly Pod


At Sun ‘n Fun 2014, Airborne Sensor introduced the Eagle360 GoPro camera pod. It’s an STC-certified external pod housing that can accommodate up to four GoPro cameras.

Weighing under 5 pounds, the Eagle360 is easy to install on the belly of the aircraft and is designed with four camera bays for placing the GoPro forward, backward, left and right. The pod mounts to the belly of the aircraft using quick-release cam locks and can be installed or removed in seconds.

“A few of us that designed this system were photo journalists and are real picky about the quality of our video. We enjoy taking video when we go flying and thought other pilots feel the same way. That’s simply how the product came into development, ” said Airborne Sensor CEO David Tenenbaum.

The certification program included flight testing of the pod to altitudes of FL250, in addition to large amounts of strength analysis.

To date, the Eagle360 has STC approval for 56 different aircraft models and shops can install the system without additional engineering or approvals. The company is working on a retrofit for composite aircraft, including Cirrus and Diamond models. In addition, there’s new software in the works that interfaces with GPS position logging data, allowing you to select a position on the map to view captured video at select time and position points.

The Eagle360 pod kit with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera is $1700. The package with four cameras is $2900. For more information, you can watch the demonstration video hereand visit the Airborne Sensor web page at