Gulfstream Delivers Medevac Aircraft


A modified G550 jet designed for in-flight medical care has been delivered to the Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Center, Gulfstream announced last week. The jet features an “unprecedented degree of technological innovation,” according to Gulfstream. The medical bay is outfitted with equipment to help critically ill patients, including a bed that provides 360-degree access, which Gulfstream says is a medevac first. The cabin also features refrigerated medical storage cabinets, X-ray viewing equipment, fold-out nurses’ seats and berths for crew rest. The jet is intended to be used for disaster relief, evacuation and rescue, Gulfstream said.

Other features in the cabin include advanced life-support capabilities, a bed designed to accommodate an infant incubator and a powered gurney loading system on the aircraft stairs. The G550 can fly nonstop from Beijing to New York or London. The jet was delivered in a ceremony at Gulfstream’s headquarters in Savannah. “The unique design, emergency resuscitation and in-flight surgical capabilities make this airplane truly unique in our industry,” said Gulfstream President Mark Burns. Beijing Red Cross also announced at the ceremony they have contracted for a G650ER, which will also be used as a medevac aircraft.