Gulfstreams G500 Jet Now FAA-Certified


Gulfstream’s all-new midsize G500 jet has received both its type certification and production certificate from the FAA, the company announced last week. Deliveries are set to start later this year. “The tens of thousands of lab hours combined with the more than 5,000 hours we’ve flown the five G500 flight-test aircraft will help ensure we deliver a high-performing, reliable, mature aircraft to customers,” said Mark Burns, Gulfstream president. The Symmetry flight deck features active-control sidesticks, 10 touchscreens, a head-up display and a third-generation Enhanced Vision System that optimizes pilot awareness in low visibility. The G500 is the first aircraft certified to use enhanced vision to land, according to Gulfstream.

The fly-by-wire flight deck technology incorporates flight controls, autopilot, auto throttle and autobraking. These features ensure a smoother flight and optimal engine performance, according to Gulfstream. The G500 also provides a comfortable workspace for the crew, styled with leather and brushed nickel. The leather crew seats pan fully from side to side to make it easier to get in and out of the cabin and find the optimal seating position. The G500 replaces Gulfstream’s G450. Certification for the larger G600, now in development, is expected later this year.