Kennon Insulated Engine & Prop Covers: The Key to Effective Pre-Heating

Now available from one of AVweb's premier sponsors.


The Kennon Insulated Engine Cover is designed to help retain as much existing heat as possible and to distribute heat uniformly over the entire engine during any pre-heating operation. It is also used for up to six hours after the engine has been shut down to eliminate the need to pre-heat again. They may be used with any preheat system.

Kennon’s Engine Cover is constructed from high-tech Dacron fiber insulation laminated between two layers of waterproof domestic nylon oxford cloth. Kennon’s exclusive laminated blanket construction prevents the fiber from shifting and eliminates the necessity of quilting the blanket which is desirable since quilting destroys the loft and therefore decreases the insulating quality of the blanket.

For an in-depth discussion of engine pre-heating, read AVweb’s interview on the subject with Kennon’s Ron Kensey.

Small singles $265, larger singles $295, most twins $630 (some twins more – please call).