Kodiak and Beaver by Deon Mitton


Deon Mitton sent us this beautiful shot of a Kodiak and a Beaver in formation taking a fun flight. This amazing photo happened at the 2017 Sun ‘n Fun Seaplane fly-in in Tavares, near Orlando FL. Deon described the scene:

“Late afternoon – with both seaplanes at the lake, we decided it’s time to go and play and get some aerial shots. Shown here, in this late afternoon shot, are Michael Marco, with his restored DeHavilland Beaver, and Mark Brown, chief demo pilot for Quest Aircraft, flying the Quest Aircraft Kodiak 100. I am in a Jones Brothers 185 on straight floats. We took off, played a bit over the lakes and rivers close to Tavares, Fla. It’s always so great to fly with friends.It’s what makes aviation so special, and the view of these two, beautiful aircraft in the air was very special.”

Who is ready for Sun ‘n Fun?!