NBAA Challenges Santa Monica Deal


NBAA and four businesses have petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals to review the FAA’s deal with the City of Santa Monica to shorten the airport’s runway. Under the deal, the runway would be cut immediately to 3,500 feet from almost 5,000, limiting its use and likely forcing some of the current tenants to immediately find other accommodation. Those who can use 3,500 feet will have the airport until 2028, but it’s likely the City of Santa Monica will become the fuel and maybe even the maintenance provider. “Santa Monica’s airport is a vital asset to our aviation system, both locally as well as nationally, and serves as a critical transportation lifeline for the entire Los Angeles basin,” Bolen added. “NBAA remains committed to aggressively supporting unrestricted business aviation access to SMO, through this petition and other available channels.”

NBAA alleges the deal leaves a lot of loose ends, including some complaints filed by NBAA and others about the city’s administration of the airport. Among those is an allegation the city mishandled airport money. The organization is joined in the petition by two airport businesses, Bills Air Center Inc. and Davidson Aviation Inc., and two businesses that use the airport, Redgate Partners LLC and Wonderful Citrus LLC.