New Kennon Airplane Dust Cover

Use in the hangar to keep your plane clean.


Kennon’s dust cover keeps dust, birds and bird droppings off your plane. Made from durable, tuff nylon oxford cloth, it’s soft and light-weight. An elastic hem slips over the prop, wings, and tail. Use a yard stick to lift the cover over the antenna and tail. The cover is water repellant but is not designed to withstand wind.

Small: homebuilt aircraft – $325
Regular: Most singles – $375
Light twins – $475

Dust Cover Suspension Storage System

The Suspension Storage System consists of 7 rings that attach to the steel beams of your hanger with nylon ties. One each at the nose, tail, and center of the cabin and on each wing tip. Attach the five lines to the cover and run them through the eyebolts overhead. Adjust the length of the lines and pull the bundle of cords to lift the cover as a unit, tie it off, then lower the cover when you’re ready to install it. The cover stays clean because it never touches the floor.