Piper Adds AoA Option For New Aircraft


Piper announced this week that its M600 turboprop and piston twins will soon be available with angle-of-attack systems from Safe Flight. The systems will be offered as options by the third quarter of 2018, Piper CEO Simon Caldecott said in a press conference at Sun ‘n Fun. The Safe Flight system, which is STC’d for several other aircraft, has a display indexer mounted on the glareshield that’s designed to be visible in all phases of flight.

The systems will be available on the Archer, Arrow and Seminole twin in early 2019, Caldecott said. The M600 will feed AoA data into the Safe Flight system through the aircraft’s existing lift transducer, while the piston airplanes will get a supplemental lift transducer installed on the wing leading edge. Once approved, the AoA system will also be available as an aftermarket option for airplanes already in the field. New York-based Safe Flight Instrument Corporation developed the system several years ago and has been marketing it as an aftermarket accessory.