Press Release: Diamond D-Jet Completes Successful First Flight



Diamond offers the most complete line of modern general aviation aircraft. Clockwise: D-JET, DA40-FP, DA20, DA40-180, DA42.

After a series of high speed taxi and rotation tests, Diamonds D-JET S/N 001, lifted off at 17:08 on Tuesday April 18th, 2006. The test was conducted from the London International Airport, home of Diamonds North American operation.

The 1 hour 6 minute test flight was conducted according to test plan with the evaluation of 19 distinct test points.

After take off and climb to 12,000 ft, the evaluation of stability and control with flaps and landing gear extended and retracted was conducted successfully. The test speeds ranged from slow flight at 1.1 Vs to 160 kias. Engine and systems operational tests were successfully performed. Following roll rate and lateral directional stability tests and simulated landing at altitude, the D-JET, SN 001, flew in close formation with the chase aircraft for photo and video recording. A normal landing was performed with a 5 kt crosswind.

We are absolutely delighted with this flight, said Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft, who flew the chase aircraft. The test flight went exactly as planned. What more could you ask for? Our crew did a fabulous job and we are very grateful for the support received from Williams, Garmin, Parker, Argotech and our other partners.

The D-JET is a 5 place luxury personal jet, powered by the FADEC controlled Williams FJ33 turbine and equipped with Garmin all glass flight deck and autopilot.

Diamond offers the most comprehensive range of modern GA aircraft, including the 2 place DA20, the 4 place single DA40 DiamondStar, the twin engine DA42 TwinStar and now the ultimate personal aircraft, the D-JET.

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