Savvy Aircraft Announces Nationwide Pre-Buy Program


Prospective buyers of used aircraft have long found it hard to obtain good pre-buy examinations, particularly when the aircraft theyre interested in is located some distance away. Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management, Inc. (Savvy) now offers a nationwide pre-buy management program that solves this problem and helps avoid the many pitfalls that can plague prospective buyers. Aircraft sellers are typically represented by brokers, and Savvys pre-buy program is designed to provide a similar level of professional advocacy for buyers, said Savvys founder and CEO, Mike Busch. (Mike Busch was one of the founders of AVweb but no longer has any ownership interest).

For a fixed fee, Savvy provides professional management through all stages of an aircraft pre-buy. The service includes logbook review, selection of a qualified and impartial maintenance facility with expertise in make and model, arranging a test flight to verify aircraft and systems are functioning properly, specific guidance on the scope and detail of the pre-buy examination, review of the pre-buy and test flight findings, and coaching the buyer through the final negotiations with the seller. Most aircraft buyers understand its essential to conduct as much due diligence as possible when making a major purchase, said Busch. But they often run into problems like being unable to find a competent and unbiased shop, overpaying for the examination, and lacking a source of professional and objective advice throughout the process.