Stratus ESG Transponder Approved for ADS-B Mandate


Fargo, North Dakota-based Appareo announced that it earned FAA TSO authorization for its panel-mounted Stratus ADS-B transponder. Starting at $2995, the 1090ES ADS-B Out transponder—which has an integrated GPS WAAS receiver— is available in two kits. The Stratus ESG has a mandate-compliant ADS-B transmitter, while the $3495 Stratus ESGi kit also includes a non-certified ADS-B In receiver.

When connected with the ESG transponder, the Stratus 2i ADS-B receiver can interface with the ForeFlight tablet app, providing both ADS-B and AHRS data. The receiver is only compatible with the Stratus transponder, however, and can’t be used with other ADS-B systems.

Appareo’s ESG 1090ES ADS-B solution is targeted at federated panels (with a mix of brands) that might not have a mandate-approved WAAS GPS. Additionally, Appareo says the ESG comes with mostly everything a shop will need to complete a mandate-compliant retrofit, including a WAAS GPS antenna—no hidden costs.

The ESG is also designed to interface with the popular Stratus 1S and Stratus 2-series portable ADS-B receivers, piggybacking with the transponder for receiving power and its GPS signal. This means the Stratus receiver can be remotely mounted, rather than placed on the glareshield.

Compared to some other ADS-B transponders, the ESG has a more utilitarian feature set, including an LED display, push-button squawk code entry and an automatic VFR button.

In development for several years, the now-certified ESG is among a wide variety of 1090ES transponder solutions, in addition to plenty of 978 UAT remote mounted ADS-B solutions. Appareo says the transponders will be available through its network of 280 approved sales and installation dealerships.

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