Texas Aircraft Breeds A Colt


To be certified as a factory-built LSA, Texas Aircraft Manufacturing’s Colt is set to debut at Oshkosh this year featuring an aluminum airframe, chromoly steel-tube “safety cell” and a ballistic parachute. If you think it looks a lot like the INPAER Conquest 180, you’d be right; Caio Jordo, who led the Brazilian lightplane manufacturer, is functioning as TAM’s chief designer.

According to TAM’s CEO, Matheus Grande, “To many of us, Caio is truly the godfather of personal aviation in Brazil,” Grande added. “Caio’s efforts helped a lot of pilots in Brazil realize their dream of aircraft ownership. And that’s what we want to do for the rest of the world with the Texas Aircraft Colt.”

In many respects, the Colt follows LSA convention, with a 100-HP Rotax 912 up front and 110-knot cruise performance. Aside from the steel-tube cabin structure (a la Mooney and Glasair), the Colt appears to be a largely conventional strut-braced, high-wing LSA with side-by-side seating, yoke controls and a low-cost glass panel.

TAM says work is nearly completed on the ASTM certification, which will allow it to begin offering the Colt for sale at Oshkosh. Company spokesmen say that production plans for 6-8 aircraft in 2019 and 24 the following year. Prices have not been announced.