Textron Upgrades Caravan Cockpit


Starting with 2019 production, Textron says it will upgrade the flight deck on its Cessna Caravan and Grand Caravan EX turboprops. The features aim to provide pilots with greater control and connectivity, Textron says. New standard equipment includes dual audio panels with 3D audio capabilities. Textron says the 3D system spatially distributes the audio and simulates how the human ear naturally determines directional sources, reducing the confusion that can occur when pilots hear multiple audio sources simultaneously.

The Caravans also will get dual audio panels as standard equipment. New options include Garmin’s enhanced automatic flight control system, with automated features designed to help pilots retain an optimal envelope, including electronic stability and protection, underspeed protection, emergency descent mode, coupled go-around and an auto-level function. Another new option is Garmin’s GSR 56 Iridium satellite data transceiver link, which provides near-worldwide access to downlink weather services as well as satellite voice communication and text message capabilities.