Update: Dynon’s Full Panel Installs For 172s On Track


Following a March STC announcement, Dynon President Robert Hamilton told AVweb Friday that interest is building in the full-panel Skyview HDX upgrade for Cessna 172F through 172S models. “It’s an overnight sensation that only took eight years,” said Hamilton during an interview at Sun ‘n Fun. You can listen to a podcast of our conversation here.

The STC allows for the removal of the existing round-gauge primary flight instruments— including vacuum source— since the SkyView HDX system provides complete flight instrumentation on its 10-inch primary flight display. It also includes synthetic vision and angle-of-attack data. There’s also engine monitoring with digital fuel flow, a fuel computer and lean assisting.

The HDX suite comes with Dynon’s integrated two-axis autopilot, with approach coupling when the SkyView is integrated with an approved third-party GPS navigator. The STC-approved installation also includes a Mode S transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out, plus ADS-B In.

Hamilton says price of the fully installed one-screen system will come in around $25,000, with development underway to create an optional screen for the right seat. There are three installation centers, which Hamilton hopes to expand as they learn more.

From the outset, Hamilton said there was a special emphasis on making the panel upgrade affordable. “The FAA was very encouraging. They told us, ‘We consider this safety equipment, but it’s not safety equipment if you can’t afford to put it in your airplane.'”

You can learn more about the HDX program for Cessna 172F through 172S models at www.dynonavionics.com.