Podcast: Electroair's Electronic Ignition System

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Every ounce of fuel matters these days. Electroair has taken their electronic ignition system for experimental aircraft and certified it for four-cylinder Lycoming engines in most Cessna 152, 172, and 177 (Cardinal) models. The company's testing shows a 10- to 15-percent fuel savings in most applications. In addition to just supplying a hotter, longer-duration spark, the system advances the spark timing for more efficient combustion at altitude.

Electroair's president, Michael Kobylik, says four-cylinder Lycomings on Pipers are next up, with other common airframes such as Mooneys after that. Continental engines and bigger Lycomings are on the way. The certified system is $3,400. Experimental aircraft and LSA systems are available for less. The company web site is Electroair.net.

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