OpenAirplane Rolls Out FlyOtto

OpenAirplane Rolls Out FlyOtto »

At AirVenture 2016, OpenAirplane revealed a new sister service called FlyOtto. It makes on-demand charter services from A to B available to any public-use airport in the U.S. via tablet, smartphone or computer. AVweb interviewed OpenAirplane's Rod Rakic at the show. More

Podcast: Airbly's Canairy Cockpit Monitor

Airbly's Canairy Cockpit Monitor »

If the age of the piston engine flight recorder isn't upon us yet, you can see it from AirVenture 2016, where Jeff Van West spoke with Chris VanHorn from a company called Airbly. They make a clever cockpit monitoring system that automatically records critical flight parameters and downloads them to a smartphone for storage and analysis. Hear the full podcast here. More

Podcast: The CAF's WASP Project

The CAF's WASP Project »

Heather Penney, the National Program Chair for the RISE ABOVE: WASP project, is a former fighter pilot for the Air National Guard and air racer. She hopes the story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots will serve to inspire young people, especially women. She spoke with AVweb's Elaine Kauh about the Commemorative Air Force's upcoming film and educational exhibit. More

Podcast: China's Kitplane Movement

China's Kitplane Movement »

Amid the rapid growth of China’s aviation industry, there’s a movement afoot to bring personal flying, including homebuilding, into the general public. Among its advocates is aviation business consultant Francis Chao, who spoke with AVweb's Elaine Kauh about GA's future in China. More

Podcast: CubCrafters Gets Serious About TransitionTraining

CubCrafters Gets Serious About TransitionTraining »

After purchasing every model in the CubCrafters line, TacAero now offers a certified five-day transition course to prepare CubCrafters' customers for the challenges of flying a high-performance tailwheel airplane. Aviation Consumer editor Larry Anglisano spoke with CubCrafters' John Whitish and TacAero's Jeremy Young about the program. More

Podcast: Making Old King Airs New Again

Making Old King Airs New Again »

Innova Aerospace is taking 50-year-old King Airs and bringing them into the 21st century with new GE engines and a three-screen touchpad avionics suite. Innova's David Meske spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles at AirVenture 2016. More

Podcast: Still Many Questions About Third-Class Medical Implementation

Still Many Questions About Third-Class Medical Implementation »

The long-awaited Third Class medical exemption finally passed and was signed into law by the president last week. However, as you'll learn in this podcast with senior Aviation Medical Examiner Ian Blair Fries, for pilots with special issuances, there are still many more questions to be resolved before we know how the new law will benefit pilots worried about their medicals. More

Podcast: Aircraft Electronics Association Explains the FAA's $500 ADS-B Rebate Process

Aircraft Electronics Association Explains the FAA's $500 ADS-B Rebate Process »

The AEA (Aircraft Electronics Association) has been contracted by the FAA to manage the ADS-B rebate check processing. Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano spoke with AEA President Paula Derks about the specifics of the limited-time program, and with AEA's Mike Adamson about more financing options. More

Podcast: Brainteaser Airshow People's Choice Award

Brainteaser Airshow People's Choice Award »

The Brainteaser #220 Bonus Question asked readers to name their favorite airshow performers or performances. The results are in, and no one appearing on the upcoming November ballot made the cut here. (This is an audio recording of the People's Choice Award article .) More

Doug Stewart On Airman Certification Standards »

The new Airmen Certification Standards for private pilot and instrument rating applicants will emphasize risk management while making checkrides more efficient, according to Doug Stewart. The pilot examiner and CFI, who served on the original FAA committee charged with rewriting test standards, says the result will be “safer pilots.” More