Podcast: Wheels Up Fractional Access Looks At Europe

Wheels Up Fractional Access Looks At Europe »

Launched only three years ago, the Wheels Up member-based fractional aircraft access program has attracted almost 4000 members and is now eyeing Europe for potential market expansion. At a press conference at the NBAA BACE show in Orlando Monday, Wheels Up founder Kenny Dichter said the company’s King Air 350i-based aircraft fleet can serve 90 percent of popular European city pairs nonstop. More

Iridium Ready To Launch Better Broadband »

Business aircraft are fast but owners and operators also want fast internet and Iridium is answering that call. The company is getting set to launch a constellation of satellites that will deliver email and internet capability to any aircraft with the gear to receive it. Iridium's Brian Pemberton explained the coming benefits of the new system. More

Podcast: Daher Unveils Charter Push For TBM

Daher Unveils Charter Push For TBM »

At NBAA in Orlando, French manufacturer Daher unveiled a new marketing program for owners that will help them connect with charter operators who might be interested in utilizing their aircraft for 100 hours a year, offsetting costs and keeping the airplane in the air and out of the hangar. AVweb interviewed Daher's Nicolas Chabbert in this exclusive NBAA podcast. More

Ed Bolen NBAA 2016 »

NBAA CEO Ed Bolen is characteristically upbeat going into the show week, commenting on a changing industry that is responding to business needs. He spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles at the Cirrus Jet type certification event on Sunday evening. More

Dale Klapmeier On The SF50 Vision Certification »

After 10 years of development, Cirrus Aircraft has announced certification of its SF50 Vision jet. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with CEO Dale Klapmeier about the challenge, the process and the reward. More

Podcast: AOPA Helping Pilots With ADS-B Rebates

AOPA Helping Pilots With ADS-B Rebates »

AOPA has been answering questions from aircraft owners about the FAA's new ADS-B rebate program, which offers $500 to those who register online, install the equipment and follow verification procedures to claim the rebate. More

Podcast: Flying Aviation Expo Under New Ownership

Flying Aviation Expo Under New Ownership »

The new organizers of the Flying Aviation Expo, led by Scheyden Precision Eyewear President Jeff Herold, hope to build on past successes and build the show into the premier GA event for the West Coast. Herold tells AVweb how this month's event came together. More

Podcast: 'Finding Carla' -- Tragedy Leads To Lives Saved

'Finding Carla' -- Tragedy Leads To Lives Saved »

They say aviation regulations are written in blood, and Alaska pilot Ross Nixon tells a story that makes that clear -- when a family was lost in a California crash in 1957, it was ultimately determined they might have survived if only they'd been found in time. Thanks to that somber event, says Nixon, general aviation aircraft now carry ELTs. More

Pilots Approve Sully Movie »

Hundreds of pilots filled a theater in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Wednesday to watch a preview of Sully, the much-hyped account of the Miracle on the Hudson. There were some minor quibbles but Sandy Dubrow, who was among the pilots, told AVweb's Russ Niles the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. More

Mike Busch On The ECi AD »

Mike Busch, the Savvy Aviator and one of the U.S.'s best known aircraft technicians, has been fighting the FAA on what he terms an unnecessary and seriously flawed airworthiness directive regarding barrel-head separations on ECi cylinders for big-bore Continental engines. We've given you two options to learn more from Busch about this controversial move by the FAA. We edited a short form podcast of the basics of the history and impact of the AD. We've also included an essentially unedited version of the interview where Busch gives the history and context of what he says is a terrible example of rulemaking. More