Sebring Sport Aviation Expo

Sebring Sport Aviation Expo »

The Sport Aviation Expo runs from Thursday to Sunday this week, and one of the show organizers, Beverly Glarner, gives us an update on what’s new at the show, some of the highlights, and some of the nuts and bolts that visitors need to know. More

Podcast: EAA On New PMA Process

EAA On New PMA Process »

EAA and the FAA are building on the STC awarded to EAA allowing installation of experimental Dynon avionics in certified aircraft. EAA's Sean Elliott spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles on a Jan. 17 meeting that could set the course for more affordable access to new technology by certified aircraft owners. More

Podcast: Ramping Up For ADS-B

Ramping Up For ADS-B »

Although only a fraction of the aircraft that will need it have been equipped with ADS-B Out, the Aircraft Electronics Association is confident those who really need and want the upgrade will be ready for the FAA deadline of Jan. 1, 2020. Ric Peri, AEA's VP of government and industry affairs, spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles about how he thinks it will play out. More

EAA's Jack Pelton On FAA's New Medical Rules »

EAA Chairman Jack Pelton and his staff, along with advocates from AOPA and other general aviation groups, were prominent players in getting the new FAA medical rule pushed through. AVweb's Mary Grady finds out more about how the new rule will be implemented and how it will affect CFIs, LSA pilots, and others in the GA world. More

Medical Update »

The FAA is working on implementing congressionally mandated reforms to medical requirements for private pilots but until those rules are in effect, the old system is the law. EAA's Sean Elliot updated AVweb's Mary Grady on the promise and pitfalls of the changing medical regime. More

Podcast: Teal Group's Richard Aboulafia On Market Trends

Teal Group's Richard Aboulafia On Market Trends »

As GAMA released another disappointing aircraft production report this week, the Teal Group’s Richard Aboulafia recently told the National Air Transportation Association that market data suggests next year won’t be much better. And although Teal says it’s “cautiously confident” that things won’t get worse, Aboulafia told us in this AVweb podcast that we’re far from the disastrous days of 2009. More

Podcast: AeroJones To Expand CTLS Distribution

AeroJones To Expand CTLS Distribution »

AeroJones, which took over manufacturing and distribution of the Flight Design CTLS line, said it plans to expand early next year with a new facility in Florida. At the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase this week, AeroJones’ John Hurst told AVweb in this podcast that the company hasn’t settled on a site yet, but the new sport aviation village on Deland Airport is under consideration. More

Podcast: ForeFlight Adds Jet Capability

ForeFlight Adds Jet Capability »

The world of tablet apps has exploded with sophisticated flight planning and management capability, but jet operators haven’t necessarily been included in the fun. This week at NBAA BACE in Orlando, ForeFlight announced an upgraded version of its iOS app aimed specifically at the unique needs of jet operators. In this AVweb podcast, ForeFlight's Tyson Weihs explains how it works. More

Genesys/S-Tec Building Part 25 Autopilot »

Genysys/S-Tec is launching the first new design autopilot in several years and targeting the Part 25 market. Jamie Luster spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles at NBAA 2016. More

Podcast: Wheels Up Fractional Access Looks At Europe

Wheels Up Fractional Access Looks At Europe »

Launched only three years ago, the Wheels Up member-based fractional aircraft access program has attracted almost 4000 members and is now eyeing Europe for potential market expansion. At a press conference at the NBAA BACE show in Orlando Monday, Wheels Up founder Kenny Dichter said the company’s King Air 350i-based aircraft fleet can serve 90 percent of popular European city pairs nonstop. More