Podcast: Amsafe Seatbelts

Amsafe Seatbelts »

AmSafe has introduced a new universally applicable seatbelt airbag kit for normal category Part 23 aircraft. In a podcast with AVweb, the company said the hope is to have FAA approval for the product, which they're calling the State of the Art Restraint System (SOARS) by May 2018. AmSafe has been providing airbag seatbelt restraints to general aviation customers since 2004. More

Podcast: Sun 'n Fun Job Fair Draws Hundreds

Sun 'n Fun Job Fair Draws Hundreds »

At Sun 'n Fun 2018, an aerospace jobs fair drew about 400 applicants for all kinds of jobs in aviation from pilots to mechanics to engineers. In this podcast from the show, JSFirm's Sam Scanlon gave AVweb a quick overview of what's currently a hot job market. More

Podcast: Teaching Kid to Fly In Cubs

Teaching Kid to Fly In Cubs »

What better way to learn how to fly than in a taildragger Cub? That's the idea behind a new organization called Kids Fly Cubs. In this exclusive AVweb podcast, the organization's Daryl Hickman explains how the new program works. More

Podcast: Sun 'n Fun Airshow Live Streaming

Sun 'n Fun Airshow Live Streaming »

Jumbotrons at airshows have become commonplace but this year at Sun ‘n Fun, the airshow has both the giant screens and live streaming for those who can’t make it to the actual event. In partnership with Sun ‘n Fun, a company called LiveAirshowTV is feeding both both pre-show programs and the show itself to online audiences the world over. In this AVweb Sun 'n Fun podcast, LiveAirshowTV's Bryan Lee and Sun 'n Fun airshow director Greg Gibson give us an overview of the program. More

Podcast: Rusty Pilots At Sun ‘N Fun

Rusty Pilots At Sun ‘N Fun »

AOPA will be holding a Rusty Pilots seminar at Sun ’n Fun this year for pilots who have been out of the air for a while and are looking to get flying again. In this podcast, AOPA’s Jamie Beckett told AVweb about some updates to the program and how pilots of all levels of currency can benefit from the experience. The seminar will be held at the AOPA SnF campus on Wednesday, April 11 at 9:00 a.m. More

Podcast: Guardian's Panel Mounts For iPads And iPhones

Guardian's Panel Mounts For iPads And iPhones »

As commonplace as flying with a tablet has become, you still have to put the thing someplace. At Sun ‘n Fun this week, Guardian Avionics is showing off additions to its line of panel-mounted racks for the popular iPad and iPhone. In this podcast recorded at Sun 'n Fun, Guardian’s Ash Vij talks about new products to make tablets and smartphones as capable EFISs. More

BRS Expands Cessna Parachute Centers

BRS Expands Cessna Parachute Centers »

At a time when changing perceptions about flight safety have pilots more interested in whole aircraft parachute systems, BRS Aerospace is expanding their network of approved installation centers for chute retrofits on Cessna 172s and 182s. In this exclusive podcast, company President Enrique Dillon told AVweb that BRS is looking to increase the number of approved centers around the world. More

S-TEC 3100 Autopilot Ready To Earn STCs

S-TEC 3100 Autopilot Ready To Earn STCs »

Genesys Aerosystems says its new S-TEC 3100 autopilot will earn STCs for numerous aircraft in early April. In this exclusive podcast recorded at the 2018 Aircraft Electronics Association convention in Las Vegas, we asked Genesys’ Jamie Luster, director of sales and marketing at the company, to talk about the product originally announced at AirVenture in Oshkosh last year. More

Podcast: HeliTrak's Autopilot For The R44

HeliTrak's Autopilot For The R44 »

At the AEA show in Last Vegas, AVweb interviewed Chris Nehls of HeliTrak, a new company building an autopilot for the Robinson R44. What's interesting about this new box is that it was inspired by underground horizontal drilling technology. More

Podcast: uAvionix's New Taillight ADS-B

uAvionix's New Taillight ADS-B »

uAvionix, a company that specializes in avionics for UAVs, caused quite a stir last year when it introduced ADS-B Out units contained in nav lights. At the 2018 Aircraft Electronics Association convention in Las Vegas, the company unveiled another new product designed to be installed as a taillight in an airplane. In this podcast, uAvionix's Shane Woodson gave AVweb a tour of the new device. More