Podcast: 2019 FAA National Flight Instructor Of The Year Talks Training

2019 FAA National Flight Instructor Of The Year Talks Training »

With the number of new apps, autopilots and glass cockpit technologies available, some instructors are choosing to specialize in teaching pilots how to use them safely. AVweb say down with PilotSafety.org founder and 2019 FAA National Flight Instructor of the Year Gary Reeves to talk about his approach to training, technology and pilot safety. More

Podcast: AOPA's Flying Club Initiative

AOPA's Flying Club Initiative »

As part of a multifaceted effort to grow the pilot population, AOPA has been conducting a flying club initiative across the country, achieving some success at advising would-be members on how to start clubs. In this podcast, AVweb spoke to Katie Pribyl, who will soon be turning over the program to Elizabeth Tennyson. We also spoke with Jamie Beckett, one of AOPA's circuit-flying ambassadors who also helps with club promotion. More

Podcast: Icon Gears Up Production

Icon Gears Up Production »

After months of production delays, Icon Aircraft is ramping up production of its A5 light sport amphibious aircraft. Showing a demo model at the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring this week, Icon’s Scott Rodenback said in this exclusive podcast that about 90 airplanes have been built. The company says some 1300 are on back order. More

Podcast: Sebring Gets LSA-Based Flight Academy

Sebring Gets LSA-Based Flight Academy »

Veteran FBO and flight school operator Lou Mancuso has opened a new flight academy at Sebring, Florida, that he says will provide fast-track training for pilots planning professional flight careers. In this exclusive podcast recorded at the Sport Aviation Expo 2019 show in Sebring, Mancuso said the school will rely on light sport aircraft, specifically the Bristell. More

Podcast: American Airlines Cadet Academy

American Airlines Cadet Academy »

American Airlines recently opened a Cadet Academy for new flight students looking for airline pilot careers. With its first cadets already in training, American Airlines Pilot Career Strategy Manager Christopher Shope shared program details with AVweb. More

Podcast: BendixKing Offers Subscription Avionics

BendixKing Offers Subscription Avionics »

BendixKing recently began offering a subscription program for avionics. The company's vice president for product management and marketing, Stéphane Fymat, shared the details with AVweb at NBAA-BACE. More

Podcast: Iridium NEXT And Certus For Aviation

Iridium NEXT And Certus For Aviation »

The Iridium NEXT satellite constellation is nearly complete and the company is working on Certus, a satellite communications system aimed at, among other things, aviation. Iridium's Bryan Hartin and Michael Hooper told AVweb more about the latest developments at the 2018 NBAA convention. More

Podcast: Wheels Up On A Roll

Wheels Up On A Roll »

Wheels Up has gone from a curiosity to a major force in the charter world in six short years and it's not finished growing yet. AVweb spoke with co-found Gary Spitalnik about the untapped market and selling to millennials. More

Podcast: Aerion Gets An Engine And Flight Schedule

Aerion Gets An Engine And Flight Schedule »

Aerion Corporation announced it is ready to start building a supersonic business jet after solving most of the daunting technical and regulatory problems it faced. It will honor the legacy of Concorde in that schedule. Russ Niles spoke with Aerion CEO Tom Vice at NBAA-BACE in Orlando. More

Podcast: Gulfstream G600 Approaching Certification

Gulfstream G600 Approaching Certification »

Gulfstream recently delivered its first G500 business jet. Next up: the G600. Gulfstream's Dan Nale told AVweb more about the G600 and how the certification process is coming along at the 2018 NBAA Business Aviation Convention. More