Voice Of Reno Optimistic About Future

Voice Of Reno Optimistic About Future »

Danny Clisham has been calling the World Championship Air Races in Reno for more than 35 years and he's as excited about them now as he was when he started. Clisham says a new generation of race pilots will continue the tradition of using the latest technology to squeeze ever more speed out of machines that were conceived decades before they were born. He spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles at Reno. More

Sebring On The Mend

Sebring On The Mend »

When it looked like his airport might be hit by Hurricane Irma, Sebring Airport Executive Director Mike Willingham said he and his staff put into action a long established emergency plan that he credits with preventing injuries and speeding recovery efforts. To be sure, there is plenty of damage, but Sebring will be ready to host the Sport Aviation Expo in January. More

Podcast: How To Help In Florida And Texas

How To Help In Florida And Texas »

The impulse is to help and pilots have the tools to do a tremendous amount of good in crisis situations but they can also do a lot of harm. Air Care Alliance President Rol Murrow spoke with AVweb about how to really use your skills and equipment to help out. More

Podcast: Uber At AirVenture

Uber At AirVenture »

Uber showed up at AirVenture this year, but it wasn't toting hardware. Instead, the company was touting its new Uber Elevate proposal that will do for on-demand air taxi what its networking service has done for ride sharing and on-demand transportation. In this podcast, Wyatt Smith and Nikhil Goel explain the details. More

Podcast: Airbus's Electric Future

Airbus's Electric Future »

Airbus believes electric aircraft, including airliners, are the future and it's taking a leadership role in their development. Ken McKenzie, the company's senior VP of strategy and corporate development, discussed what that future might look at in an interview at AirVenture 2017. More

Mooney Consolidates In Kerrville »

Mooney’s Chino, California-based design center, which did much of the work on the emerging M10 line, will move its operations to the Kerrville, Texas, factory headquarters. “We’re going to be consolidating efforts,” says Mooney’s Lance Phillips. More

Podcast: Lycoming's Michael Kraft On Rod Bushing SB Support

Lycoming's Michael Kraft On Rod Bushing SB Support »

Lycoming says it’s not ruling out labor charge allowances for engine shops and customers affected by the mandatory rod bushing service bulletin announced earlier this month. In this podcast recorded at AirVenture on Friday, Lycoming general manager Michael Kraft told AVweb that shops need to first do the inspections, then contact Lycoming about support. More

Podcast: Huerta On Privatization, Certification Reform

Huerta On Privatization, Certification Reform »

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta made his farewell appearance at AirVenture Thursday and had some advice for his successor and for the agency's political masters. He spoke with Russ Niles after a news conference. More

Podcast: Graduating High School Multi-IFR

Graduating High School Multi-IFR »

Jeff Van West interviews Greg Roark, the founder of the Aspen Aerospace Alliance and the Director of Aeronautics for the Aspen School District. Roark leads a program that weaves aerospace into the curriculum from grade three through high school. The most involved students will graduate high school with single-engine, multi-engine, and instrument ratings. More

Podcast: Continental Says Diesels Making Inroads

Continental Says Diesels Making Inroads »

As Cessna debuts its JTA diesel-powered Skyhawk at AirVenture, Continental Motors Rhett Ross says the company is seeing more interest in the retrofit market, too, although the numbers aren't large. In this AirVenture podcast, Ross says the company has ready its CD-300 300-HP diesel and improvements on the CD-200 four-cylinder powerplant. More