Podcast: Gulfstream G600 Approaching Certification

Gulfstream G600 Approaching Certification »

Gulfstream recently delivered its first G500 business jet. Next up: the G600. Gulfstream's Dan Nale told AVweb more about the G600 and how the certification process is coming along at the 2018 NBAA Business Aviation Convention. More

Podcast: EAA's Sean Elliott Explains LSA Weight Increase Proposal

EAA's Sean Elliott Explains LSA Weight Increase Proposal »

The FAAís just-revealed report that it would consider raising the light sport aircraft limit from 1320 pounds to 3600 pounds is just a proposed talking point and any rule is at least a year and a half away, according to EAA. And no, the 3600-pound figure isnít a typo nor confusion over kilogram conversion, as some have speculated. In this AVweb podcast, EAA's Sean Elliott explains the details of the new proposal. More

Podcast: Being An Aviation Photographer

Being An Aviation Photographer »

Aerographs Aviation Photography's John Slemp has been taking pictures of all things aviation for quite some time now. In an interveiw at AirVenture 2018, he told AVweb all about what its like to have a career in aviation photography. More

Podcast: Commuter Craft Innovator

Commuter Craft Innovator »

Commuter Craft is ready to welcome the first builders of the companyís two-place homebuilt Innovator to Commuterís Cartersville, Georgia, factory to begin construction. Richard Hogan told AVweb more about the aircraft and the building process at AirVenture 2018. More

Podcast: D-Day Squadron At AirVenture

D-Day Squadron At AirVenture »

If flying 1000-plus C-47s to France was a logistical challenge in 1944, itís no less so in 2019. The Daks Over Normandy project, which will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, showed up at AirVenture this week to talk about its extensive planning. In this AVweb podcast, we talked to Eric Zipkin about how the event is shaping up. More

Podcast: Lycoming Adapts To Market

Lycoming Adapts To Market »

Lycoming's Mike Kraft says the training market is keeping things humming at his plant. An order for 200 of its most expensive and technologically advanced engines doesn't hurt either. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Kraft at AirVenture 2018. More

Podcast: Pipistrel Aims For Fasting Charging Electric Airplanes

Pipistrel Aims For Fasting Charging Electric Airplanes »

While Slovenia-based Pipistrel has aggressively expanded into electric aircraft and has dozens in the field, it acknowledges that lack of battery capacity still makes electrics less than fully functional airplanes. One possible fix: rapid charging systems that use water cooling to potentially halve the amount necessary to top off the batteries. In this exclusive AVweb podcast recorded at AirVenture 2018, Pipistrel's Michael Coates goes into the details. More

Podcast: NFlight's Mic For Non-Aviation Headsets

NFlight's Mic For Non-Aviation Headsets »

If you need an inexpensive noise cancelling headset for occasional use, one way to get that is to use a commercial non-aviation headset and fit it with a mic. A company called NFlight Technologies has the mic part wired, so to speak. In this podcast recorded at AirVenture, Courtney Martin explains how it works. More

EPS Diesel Marks Development Milestones

EPS Diesel Marks Development Milestones »

With a robust design, a projectable overhaul (not replacement), and Dick Rutan assisting with flight test, the EPS Diesel engine project is finding funding and meeting key milestones. AVWeb caught up with CEO Michael Fuchs and VP/CTO Steven Weinzierl at AirVenture 2018 for this podcast update. More

Podcast: LAMA Likes LSA Weight Change

LAMA Likes LSA Weight Change »

While some light sport aircraft manufacturers may have misgivings about a higher gross weight for LSA, Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association president Dan Johnson says itís a good idea and will be a boost for the entire GA industry. In this podcast recorded at AirVenture 2018, Dan Johnson outlines the possibilities. More