Pilots Approve Sully Movie »

Hundreds of pilots filled a theater in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Wednesday to watch a preview of Sully, the much-hyped account of the Miracle on the Hudson. There were some minor quibbles but Sandy Dubrow, who was among the pilots, told AVweb's Russ Niles the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. More

Mike Busch On The ECi AD »

Mike Busch, the Savvy Aviator and one of the U.S.'s best known aircraft technicians, has been fighting the FAA on what he terms an unnecessary and seriously flawed airworthiness directive regarding barrel-head separations on ECi cylinders for big-bore Continental engines. We've given you two options to learn more from Busch about this controversial move by the FAA. We edited a short form podcast of the basics of the history and impact of the AD. We've also included an essentially unedited version of the interview where Busch gives the history and context of what he says is a terrible example of rulemaking. More

Podcast: Author James Scott On New Doolittle Raid Book (Re-edited)

Author James Scott On New Doolittle Raid Book (Re-edited) »

Author James M. Scott's new book, Target Tokyo, adds fascinating detail and analysis to the famed 1942 air raid led by Jimmy Doolittle. In today's podcast, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli talks to Scott about researching and writing the book. More

Craig Spence On Worldwide Medical Reform »

The International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (IAOPA) will be lobbying the International Civil Aviation Organization to amend its medical standards for private pilots. IAOPA Director General Craig Spence spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles about the initiative. More

Podcast: With New Autopilot, TruTrak Aims At Certified Market

With New Autopilot, TruTrak Aims At Certified Market »

TruTrak is a mainstay in the experimental market with its well-regarded, sophisticated autopilots. Now, following the lead of EAA and Garmin, TruTrak aims to make its new Vizion autopilot available for certified airplanes. In this exlusive AVweb podcast, TruTrak's Andrew Barker summarizes the product and the marketing plan. More

Podcast: New Murphy Radical

New Murphy Radical »

Murphy Aircraft has introduced the third generation of its high-wing single called the Radical. AVweb spoke with Murphy's Zrinko Amerl about the aircraft and its unique options. More

Podcast: Deland Sport Aviation Showcase

Deland Sport Aviation Showcase »

Deland, Florida, will host a new exhibition featuring sport aviation aircraft and supplies. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Jana Philip about the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase at Airventure 2016. More

OpenAirplane Rolls Out FlyOtto

OpenAirplane Rolls Out FlyOtto »

At AirVenture 2016, OpenAirplane revealed a new sister service called FlyOtto. It makes on-demand charter services from A to B available to any public-use airport in the U.S. via tablet, smartphone or computer. AVweb interviewed OpenAirplane's Rod Rakic at the show. More

Podcast: How Much Wriggle Room Does The FAA Have On New Medical Regs?

How Much Wriggle Room Does The FAA Have On New Medical Regs? »

While it's true that the Third Class medical exemption has been signed into law, the FAA still has six months to a year to publish the final rules. Could the agency devise rules to negate the law's effect? We hope not, but in this AirVenture podcast, we asked AOPA's legislative VP, Jim Coon, about just how much slack the FAA has in rule making. More

Podcast: Airbly's Canairy Cockpit Monitor

Airbly's Canairy Cockpit Monitor »

If the age of the piston engine flight recorder isn't upon us yet, you can see it from AirVenture 2016, where Jeff Van West spoke with Chris VanHorn from a company called Airbly. They make a clever cockpit monitoring system that automatically records critical flight parameters and downloads them to a smartphone for storage and analysis. Hear the full podcast here. More