Switchblade Almost Ready To Fly

Switchblade Almost Ready To Fly »

Billed as the world's first flying sports car, the Switchblade roadable aircraft is nearing first flight. Developer Sam Bousfield spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles about tweaks and changes that he said will make it an even better performer. More

Podcast: Vulcanair Enters Training Market

Vulcanair Enters Training Market »

Vulcanair's V1.0 has arrived in America and has a future in the training market according to Ameravia spokesman Mike McMann. We spoke with him at AirVenture 2018. More

Podcast: Stratos Rejigs Design

Stratos Rejigs Design »

Stratos Aircraft announced the 716 light business jet at AirVenture on Monday. It's a six-place version of its original four-place 714 and Manager of Engineering Carsten Sundin explains the change. More

Podcast: Lindbergh Foundation Innovation Forum

Lindbergh Foundation Innovation Forum »

The Lindbergh Foundation will be holding its first Innovation Forum featuring talks by industry innovators at AirVenture 2018. Topics include artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, electric flight and autonomous aircraft. The forum will take place from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Tuesday, July 24, at the EAA Aviation Gateway Park forums tent. More

Podcast: Redbird Expands GIFT And STEM Labs

Redbird Expands GIFT And STEM Labs »

Redbird Flight Simulation is expanding its Guided Independent Flight Training (GIFT) program, including making it available for the company's the at-home Jay and TD models. GIFT, which was introduced at AirVenture last year, is a series of smart simulator scenarios that can be used to augment private pilot training. Redbird will also be holding STEM labs for students at AirVenture 2018 and other events throughout the year. More

Podcast: TruTrak Expands Approvals, Grows Dealer Network

TruTrak Expands Approvals, Grows Dealer Network »

With many popular models already approved, low-cost autopilot maker TruTrak says itís expanding the number of aircraft that can be fitted with its Vizion autopilots and with several hundred already in the field, the company is refining kits to reduce installation costs. At AirVenture 2018 this week, TruTrak is showing its new autopilot in a Mooney and other models are on the horizon. More

Podcast: Superior Extends Warranty On Millennium Cylinder And Piece Parts

Superior Extends Warranty On Millennium Cylinder And Piece Parts »

With the engine overhaul and aftermarket parts business growing ever more competitive, Superior Air Parts announced this week that itís extending the warranty on its Millennium cylinder line to 37 months. A longer warranty will also apply to other components Superior markets into the field overhaul segment. In this AVweb podcast, Superior's Scott Hayes explains the economics that made this possible. More

Podcast: Workhorse SureFly VTOL Hybrid

Workhorse SureFly VTOL Hybrid »

Electric delivery vehicle company Workhorse, which recently began untethered flight testing of its hybrid-powered SureFly VTOL, is seeking full FAA type approval for the aircraft. Workhorse CEO Steve Burns talks about the development of the project and the company's goals for the aircraft now that it's flying free. More

Podcast: Bailing Out Of A Warbird

Bailing Out Of A Warbird »

Ron Carlson's first parachute jump is one to remember. He and his passenger Kenny Franzese bailed out of a TBM Avenger over the mountains of Arizona on May 7. He was interviewed by Russ Niles for this extended (15-minute) podcast. More