Podcast: Aircraft Loan Rates Headed Up

Aircraft Loan Rates Headed Up »

A decade of low interest rates on aircraft loans continues to stimulate aircraft sales, but worries about inflation are pushing rates up, says Airfleet Capital, a leading aircraft lender. While no spikes are expected short term, the market is definitely headed higher, says Airfleet’s Jim Blessing in this podcast recorded at Sun 'n Fun 2018. More

Podcast: Parachutes For Drones Protect People On The Ground

Parachutes For Drones Protect People On The Ground »

While drones are increasingly used near crowds, the FAA still prohibits their flight directly over people. As a means of gaining FAA approval to fly drones over crowds, a company called Indemnis has developed a fast-deploying ballistic parachute that’s designed to resist entanglement if the aircraft is tumbling or spinning, thus making crowd flights safer. In this podcast, Indemnis CEO Amber McDonald explains how the product works. More

Podcast: Using Drones In Storm Recovery

Using Drones In Storm Recovery »

Following an intense hurricane season the Atlantic coast, drones were widely deployed to assist in recovery and damage assessment. But using them to best advantage requires much more effort and preparation than many in both the drone industry and local governments might grasp. In this podcast recorded at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL event in Denver, Chris Todd of Airborne Response, a Miami-based UAS service, describes what's involved. More

Podcast: Urban Drone Taxis: Don’t Hold Your Breath

Urban Drone Taxis: Don’t Hold Your Breath »

Hardly a week goes by when another story about autonomous drones whisking passengers over traffic-choked city streets fails to portend the George Jetson future. Less in evidence are reports on rapid progress in the regulatory foundation for such technology and at this week’s AUVSI XPONENTIAL Expo in Denver, the crystal ball is hardly clearer. In this AVweb podcast, airspace expert Johnny Walker offers an inside view. More

Podcast: CubCrafters FX3 Fast-Build Kit

CubCrafters FX3 Fast-Build Kit »

At Sun 'n Fun 2018, CubCrafters was showing its FX3, a fast-build kit version of the popular Carbon Cub LSA. But it's a lot heavier and has the CubCrafter proprietary ASTM engine. More

Podcast: Sun 'n Fun's Multi-Role 727

Sun 'n Fun's Multi-Role 727 »

If you've seen that Boeing 727 parked outside Sun 'n Fun's aeronautical education center, you may have wondered what it's used for. In this AVweb podcast, Jayme Jamison tells us all about this unique combination classroom and event facility. And yes, the engines still run. More

Podcast: Dynon’s Full Panel Installs For 172s On Track

Dynon’s Full Panel Installs For 172s On Track »

Following a March STC announcement, Dynon President Robert Hamilton told AVweb Friday that interest is building in the full-panel Skyview HDX upgrade for Cessna 172F through 172S models. More

Podcast: iFly GPS Adds Synthetic Vision And 3-D Traffic

iFly GPS Adds Synthetic Vision And 3-D Traffic »

iFly GPS has added synthetic vision and a three-dimensional traffic alerter to its aviation app for Apple, Android and Windows. The tablet-based system is designed so "everything is just a couple of touches away," according to sales manager Brian Rutherford. More

Podcast: Amsafe Seatbelts

Amsafe Seatbelts »

AmSafe has introduced a new universally applicable seatbelt airbag kit for normal category Part 23 aircraft. In a podcast with AVweb, the company said the hope is to have FAA approval for the product, which they're calling the State of the Art Restraint System (SOARS) by May 2018. AmSafe has been providing airbag seatbelt restraints to general aviation customers since 2004. More

Podcast: Sun 'n Fun Job Fair Draws Hundreds

Sun 'n Fun Job Fair Draws Hundreds »

At Sun 'n Fun 2018, an aerospace jobs fair drew about 400 applicants for all kinds of jobs in aviation from pilots to mechanics to engineers. In this podcast from the show, JSFirm's Sam Scanlon gave AVweb a quick overview of what's currently a hot job market. More