Podcast: Able Flight Pilots Growing Light Sport Market

Able Flight Pilots Growing Light Sport Market »

Able Flight, a non-profit providing sport pilot training to people with significant disabilities, is at Sun N’ Fun 2017 educating light sport aircraft makers about the demand for planes adapted for use by persons with disabilities. A basic adaptive airplane requires little more than a hand control for rudders and brakes. Many light sport aircraft already use handbrakes, which eases the conversion. Charles Stites, founder and Exective Director of Able Flight, says, “People are in the market for airplanes. They want to be able to continue flying after they get their license with Able Flight.” More

Podcast: Paxton Calvanese, wx24 Pilot App

Paxton Calvanese, wx24 Pilot App »

AVweb speaks with Paxton Calvanese, maker of the wx24 Pilot app for iOS products, about long-distance flight planning for light GA aircraft, teaching pilots a new way to view weather and future data visualization products. More

Podcast: Piper Targets Training Market

Piper Targets Training Market »

Piper's share of the training market has slipped in recent years but the current management has targeted it as a growth area. AVweb spoke with COO Jim Funk at Sun 'n Fun about a long list of orders for a full range of training platforms from schools all over the world. More

Podcast: Light Sport Aircraft For Aerial Work

Light Sport Aircraft For Aerial Work »

If drones can do pipeline patrol and survey work, why can’t a light sport aircraft do the same? That’s the question the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association is asking the FAA to consider and the answer may eventually result in an approval for just such work. In this Sun 'n Fun podcast, LAMA's Dan Johnson filled AVweb in on the proposal. More

Podcast: Wireless Hotspots For The GA Cockpit

Wireless Hotspots For The GA Cockpit »

Full-time internet connectivity is a fact of life for businesses, homes and even some cars and will soon be just as common in light aircraft, according to Avidyne’s Dan Schwinn. The company is busily whiteboarding what may be the next big thing in avionics. Dan Schwinn explains in this Sun 'n Fun podcast. More

Podcast: Lightspeed: Have Headsets Reached Peak Quiet?

Lightspeed: Have Headsets Reached Peak Quiet? »

The noise-cancelling aviation headset has been with us for three decades and may have now reached a plateau in further development, according to Allan Schrader of Lightspeed Aviation, which just released the Zulu3, an incremental upgrade to its best-selling Zulu2. But what's ahead for future headset technology? Allan Schrader offers his views in this podcast. More

Podcast: Rhett Ross On Continental's New Factory

Rhett Ross On Continental's New Factory »

At Continental's Mobile, Alabama, HQ this week, the company announced that it's building a clean-sheet factory on new ground near the existing plant. It plans to install $40 million in new equipment to improve production efficiency. In this long-form podcast, Continental CEO Rhett Ross explains the company's business plan and marketing philosophy. More

Podcast: How New Machinery Improves Engine Manufacturing

How New Machinery Improves Engine Manufacturing »

A million bucks doesn't buy what it used to, unless you're buying five new axis machining cells, in which case it buys a lot more than it ever has. As Continental announces a major new investment in a new factory in Mobile, it will be building what we simply don't see very often: a new, clean-sheet aircraft engine manufacturing plant. In this podcast, Continental's production chief, Michael Skolnik, explains the signifigance of that investment on the factory's efficiency. More

Podcast: Katie Wiatt On Her Film, Fly Like A Girl

Katie Wiatt On Her Film, Fly Like A Girl »

Inspired by seeing women fly at Sun 'n Fun, independent filmmaker Katie Wiatt hopes her project, Fly Like A Girl, will encourage girls to explore aviation careers. More

Podcast: AOPA's Mark Baker With BasicMed Update

AOPA's Mark Baker With BasicMed Update »

In six weeks BasicMed will take effect and AOPA President Mark Baker updated us on what he's hearing from members and how he hopes neighboring countries will see the benefits of recognizing it. More