Podcast: Katie Wiatt On Her Film, Fly Like A Girl

Katie Wiatt On Her Film, Fly Like A Girl »

Inspired by seeing women fly at Sun 'n Fun, independent filmmaker Katie Wiatt hopes her project, Fly Like A Girl, will encourage girls to explore aviation careers. More

Podcast: AOPA's Mark Baker With BasicMed Update

AOPA's Mark Baker With BasicMed Update »

In six weeks BasicMed will take effect and AOPA President Mark Baker updated us on what he's hearing from members and how he hopes neighboring countries will see the benefits of recognizing it. More

Podcast: Pilot Shortage And The Regional Air Cargo Carriers

Pilot Shortage And The Regional Air Cargo Carriers »

Stan Bernstein is the president of the Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association. He spoke with AVweb about the pilot shortage from the perspective of regional air cargo carriers, a collection of Part 121 and Part 135 operators who have been most affected by increased demand for professional pilots. More

Podcast: Ed Bolen On Trump ATC Privatization

Ed Bolen On Trump ATC Privatization »

NBAA President Ed Bolen has long opposed any notion of ATC privatization and outlines why in reacting to the Trump administration's inclusion of privatization in their budget. He spoke with AVweb's Russ Niles. More

Podcast: Will Drones Require ADS-B?

Will Drones Require ADS-B? »

Just as the world of manned aircraft struggles to understand drones, the unmanned world is trying to grasp how autonomous or remotely piloted aircraft will fit into the national airspace system. More

Peggy Chabrian, Women In Aviation

Peggy Chabrian, Women In Aviation »

Peggy Chabrian, president and founder of Women in Aviation International, just wrapped up the organization's annual event, in Florida. She provides an update on the work they are doing to inspire and support women in aviation careers. More

Podcast: John King On FAA Inflexibility

John King On FAA Inflexibility »

John King, of King Schools, has been without a medical for two years since he had a seizure and he's now fighting to get it back. Like many other pilots who have appealed disqualifications, he's finding it a frustrating experience that he says is ultimately hurting the FAA itself. More

Podcast: Swift Making Inroads With UL94

Swift Making Inroads With UL94 »

Swift Fuels says it’s pushing hard to market its 94UL unleaded aviation fuel to more airports and that the infrastructure is in place to refine and distribute it virtually anywhere in the U.S. At this week’s Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Swift’s Chris D’Acosta told AVweb that UL94 can be burned by a about 65 percent of the U.S. general aviation fleet. The remaining aircraft require 100-octane fuel. In this AVweb podcast, D'Acosta gave us additional details about both UL94 and Swift's efforts to field a replacement for 100LL. More

Podcast: LSA Manufacturers Mixed On BasicMed Effects

LSA Manufacturers Mixed On BasicMed Effects »

At the Sport Aviation Expo is Sebring this week, we spoke with several manufacturers of light sport aircraft (LSAs) about their expectations for the newly announced FAA BasicMed rule. The people who spoke to us for this AVweb exclusive podcast acknowledged that there are buyers for whom avoiding a medical is the key criterion and who might prefer a larger aircraft but felt most of their buyers were pilots who wanted a safe and modern two-seat aircraft. More

Podcast: Belite's New Pipper Super Light Aircraft

Belite's New Pipper Super Light Aircraft »

Belite Aircraft, as the name implies, for many years has focused its energy on producing extremely light aircraft designs. At the 2017 Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring this week, company president James Wiebe announced a new model constructed of a material common in the aerospace industry but little used in light general aviation: aluminum honeycomb. More