Podcast: Drones Debut at Sebring

Drones Debut at Sebring »

Drones have popped up at the major shows such as Sun 'n Fun and AirVenture and now they've become a feature of the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo at Sebring this week. For the first time, the show has a drone demonstration area in a large hangar. (It's the one with the 727 poking out the back.) The aim, according to Stephen Gowdy of Gowdy Aerospace, is to introduce pilots who might be interested in the technology to the procedures necessary to register a drone for commericial use. More

Podcast: Jim Remar On The Apollo Engine Restoration

Jim Remar On The Apollo Engine Restoration »

Jim Remar, president and COO of the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center, talks with AVweb's Elaine Kauh about the restoration project that will bring parts of the Apollo mission engines into the public eye for the first time since the historic flights took place. More

Podcast: Third Class Medical Progress

Third Class Medical Progress »

The amendment that would give relief on third class medicals survived the mark-up process in the Senate but it's still in committee. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli spoke with AOPA President Mark Baker about the day's events. More

Podcast: Single Pilot Safety Standdown Focuses on LOC

Single Pilot Safety Standdown Focuses on LOC »

The Single Pilot Safety Standdown seminar at this year's NBAA Convention focused on loss-of-control events. Tom Turner of the American Bonanza Society was part of Monday's slate of safety programming. He spoke with Paul Bertorelli about the event and currently spotlight on LOC in aviation safety. More

Podcast: Helping Women Succeed In Aviation

Helping Women Succeed In Aviation »

The Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide is trying to make it easier for women to be successful in aviation careers. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with iWOAW President Mireille Goyer at NBAA 2015. More

Podcast: Earthrounder For STEM

Earthrounder For STEM »

Shaesta Waiz will be flying around the world via Afghanistan next year. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with her at NBAA 2015. More

Podcast: Bad Elf's Portable, Universal, Affordable ADS-B Kickstarter Campaign

Bad Elf's Portable, Universal, Affordable ADS-B Kickstarter Campaign »

A portable ADS-B receiver with universal app compatability for under $300? That you can add AHRS capability to and still keep the price point under $500? Brett Hackleman of Bad Elf says his company can do it and they're inviting backers to get in on the ground floor with a Kickstarter campaign. Paul Bertorelli caught up with him ahead of the campaign's launch to find out how it all works. More

Podcast: Chuck Aaron on 'Spectre'

Chuck Aaron on 'Spectre' »

If you've been to see the new James Bond movie, that helicopter flying barrel roll isn't CGI; it's real, and Chuck Aaron was flying it. He talks with AVweb's Mary Grady about the project. More

Podcast: Flight Training and Loss-Of-Control

Flight Training and Loss-Of-Control »

Rich Stowell spoke at the NTSB's recent Loss Of Control forum, proposing that the flight training industry needs to change its culture to help reduce loss-of-control accidents. More

Podcast: NASA's All-Electric X-Plane

NASA's All-Electric X-Plane »

A team headed by NASA engineer Mark Moore plans to fly a modified Tecnam P2006T driven by an array of small propellers powered by electric batteries. Moore explains to AVweb's Mary Grady how this project could completely upend the design rules for GA aircraft of the future. More