Podcast: Huerta On Privatization, Certification Reform »

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta made his farewell appearance at AirVenture Thursday and had some advice for his successor and for the agency's political masters. He spoke with Russ Niles after a news conference. More

ATC Privatization Perspectives »

As a bill proposing privatization goes through the legislative process, AVweb sought the opinions of industry veterans attending AirVenture 2017 on why it's a bad idea and what the alternatives might be. More

Podcast: Continental Says Diesels Making Inroads »

As Cessna debuts its JTA diesel-powered Skyhawk at AirVenture, Continental Motors Rhett Ross says the company is seeing more interest in the retrofit market, too, although the numbers aren't large. In this AirVenture podcast, Ross says the company has ready its CD-300 300-HP diesel and improvements on the CD-200 four-cylinder powerplant. More

Scaled Returns To EAA AirVenture »

Bob Withrow, VP of Engineering at Scaled Composites, in Mojave, California, says the company will have a major presence at EAA AirVenture this month, and they're hiring. More

AOPA President Mark Baker On Privatizing ATC »

AOPA President Mark Baker says it would be a disaster for general aviation if the airlines succeed in their lobbying and Congress privatizes air traffic control. More

Podcast: Aurora CEO John Langford At Uber Elevate »

John Langford, CEO of Aurora Flight Sciences, attended Uber's Elevate Summit in Dallas, and offers his take on what it will take to make urban electric VTOL transport a reality. More

Podcast: AVweb Speaks With Pipistrel's Tine Tomažic »

At the Sustainable Aviation Symposium, AVweb spoke with Pipistrel’s modest Director of Research and Development, Tine Tomažic. Dr. Tomažic received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ljubljana and has been with Pipistrel for 16 years as an intern, test pilot and engineer. We spoke with Tine about what electric aircraft can (and can’t) do, Pipistrel’s fast four-seater, the Pathera, and the most scared he’s ever been in an airplane. Listen to our interview below. More

Podcast: Trio's Autopilot Inches Toward Approval »

With the FAA relaxing certification requirements for avionics in certified light aircraft, Trio Avionics is closing in on approval for its three-axis autopilot, following a parallel path to another company, TruTrak. Both are well known in the experimental segment for capable autopilots. More

Podcast: Able Flight Pilots Growing Light Sport Market »

Able Flight, a non-profit providing sport pilot training to people with significant disabilities, is at Sun N’ Fun 2017 educating light sport aircraft makers about the demand for planes adapted for use by persons with disabilities. A basic adaptive airplane requires little more than a hand control for rudders and brakes. Many light sport aircraft already use handbrakes, which eases the conversion. Charles Stites, founder and Exective Director of Able Flight, says, “People are in the market for airplanes. They want to be able to continue flying after they get their license with Able Flight.” More