Poll: Has Your Aircraft Insurance Premium Increased?


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  1. Premiums haven’t gone up much, but availability has. This is my 60th year flying–30,000 hours, typed in 6 corporate jets, fly helicopters, balloons, gliders, seaplanes, skiplanes, tailwheel, LSA, homebuilts, and ultralights, and instruct in all but helicopters. Insurance company says “You will have no problem getting insurance until your 76th birthday–but then will have to have 6 month medicals (no problem) and a full-service contract with Simuflite or FlightSafety, with check rides every 6 months. I have 11,000 hours in King Airs, factory school, and NO accidents or incidents–and have the Master Pilot Award to prove it.

    I bought a Baron–just in case I have a problem with insurance on the corporate King Air. I went to Avemco for a quote on it (Avemco doesn’t write corporate King Airs)–the insurance was far cheaper than my corporate agent of 25 years could provide. I asked about premium increases–“No change until you hit 80–then a 9% increase–another at 85, and another at 90.” I asked “what about after that?”–response “That’s the last increase–as long as you have the appropriate medical, currency, and flight reviews–no problem.”