Poll: Have You Experienced Supply Chain Delays?


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  1. There is no check box for aircraft basic parts: oil filters, oil, tires, even safety wire….oil filters, really! Also batteries, magnetos …..and cylinders. Nobody has cylinders. Please don’t comment trying to tell me where to get this stuff…we scrounge where we can.

  2. At our airport pow-wow yesterday, the common explanation for why “EVERYTHING” is on Back-Ordered is ‘China’. China even produces the news now so, even the news covering this supply chain issue is on Back-Order.

    It was ‘cheap’ while it lasted….. Good Luck with your summer flying.

  3. My company director of maintenance is still having difficulty finding various parts for the business jets we fly. Just in the Hawker 800’s I fly our DO has difficulty finding tires and windshield panels for example. Aircraft tires have a much higher natural rubber content than automotive tires. Since most natural rubber comes from SE Asia and South America and is on some of these ocean freighters that are waiting to be offloaded, then the producers of tires can’t build them to fast enough to meet demand.