Poll: Is United Airlines Right To Require COVID Vaccinations For Employees?


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  1. As long as the vaccine is considered experimental, no. On the other hand once the FDA has given final approval then yes. I had to get several vaccines for flying air medical.

    I am already COVID vaccinated, my choice, no one else’s.

  2. Approximately 99% of the ICU cases are unvaccinated, 1% are vaccinated. Virtually no one dies, or even gets severely ill, from taking the vaccine. If I still owned a company, you can bet that we would have a “you want to work here, you get vaccinated” policy. It’s science, folks. And it’s irresponsible to deny it.

  3. Brian, that is totally false information! In 2017, 2018, and 2019, there were 85, 119, and 203 deaths from the flu vaccine, respectively. From mid-Dec to July 16, there were over 11,000 deaths from the COVID shot in the US alone! Check VAERS, set up by the CDC. Compare that also to the swine flu in 1976, when only 53 people out of 45 million died, and the CDC stopped the vaccine. In EU countries, about 18,000 people have died from the COVID shot (check Eudra Vigilence). How is this a safe shot? Why is the media not reporting these deaths? 1/3 of deaths reported to the CDC occurred within 48 hours of vaccination. In Israel, most of those hospitalized are the ones that got their shots. #MyBodyMyChoice