Poll: Should GA Adopt More Virtual Reality For Training?


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  1. What would training involve?
    Would sim training be IN ADDITION? or In Lieu Of? (If the latter, NO)
    If you include things like SPIN TRAINING (mandatory in FARS, not instructor option) and demonstrations of extreme cross-control applications on turns to final —- and similar maneuvers, it could be of benefit.
    Also, mandate quality simulators, not MSFX or other toy simulators (but then independent CFIs couldn’t afford or justify, so ….)

  2. If training is geared toward the airlines then yes. If this is for the recreational pilot probably not. I would have never got into flying if I had to spend time in any kind of simulator while learning to fly. Where is the fun in that? GA needs more emphasis on the “fun” factor of flying, otherwise persons who have the money to spend will spend it on something else.