Poll: Should The Airline Pilot Retirement Age Be Raised To 67 From 65?


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  1. Hmmmm….. let’s see……should I continue earning $400,000 a year for another two years or just walk away from all that ? What would you pick ?

  2. From a physical standpoint, deaths per 100K by age roughly double for every 10 years of age from 35 up through 74. At that time the curve starts tilting up noticeably, so obviously you can’t push it too far. Still, a mere 2 years after 65 wouldn’t be very significant from a physical standpoint.

    Mental acuity doesn’t lend itself to such definitive charting and passing the 1st class physical isn’t going to tell you much either. Most researchers seem to agree mental decline starts in middle age and ramps up after 70. Having that young first officer to watch compensates 🙂

  3. Basing mental acuity, health, likelihood of various health issues, or physical prowess on age alone, just because of averages, is arbitrary and stupid. There are some 80 year-olds in better condition than some 30 year-olds. True, they are the exceptions, but painting an age group with a broad brush makes no sense. If a person wants to fly for hire or otherwise, it makes sense to have bloodwork, a reaction time test, an IQ test, a mental acuity test, and a rigorous physical fitness test.

    These tests, in reality would be applicable to ALL ages. Maybe, based on “averages,” it would be more economical and practical to waive these extensive tests below a certain age and require them above a certain age. But, as long as a person could pass them ALL, they should be allowed to fly in any capacity at any age.