Poll: Should Trevor Jacob Be Given Jail Time?


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  1. Assess a heavy fine and permanently revoke all FAA licenses. This clown is a public menace and it’s only through luck that his airplane did not land on something or someone causing injury or death. He should also be banned from Youtube as his antics will only continue to worsen and endanger others. If he wants to kill himself, a rope is cheaper, simpler, and of less danger to the public.

  2. Another idiot learning Nixon’s Law: “It ain’t the crime, it’s the cover-up they’ll nail you on.” Twenty years is a stiff price to pay for a crime where nobody died, but that’s just their starting point for sentence negotiations. He should do a couple of years, lose all flying privileges in perpetuity, and pay restitution of all costs involved in his case. The Feds can’t ban him from social media (who knows what that will look like when he gets out, anyway). He’s not even being charged with doing something stupid and marginally dangerous to others. He’s going to prison for lying to the Feds about it.

    On a related note, I see that Vietnam ace Duke Cunningham, who went on to represent California in the US House, only to be convicted of taking $2.7million in bribes, spent over eight years in federal prison and was pardoned by Trump a few days after the Capitol insurrection, will be speaking at Airventure at the Warbirds in Review.

    I’m afraid we’ll might see Trevor in the news again, eventually.

  3. Shut down his YT channel and permanently revoke all FAA licenses. Jail is for criminals, not clowns.

  4. Sorry, I did not mean that the Feds ban him from Youtube, I meant Youtube should shut him down.

  5. As many mentioned, he was not facing any charges for the stunt, he was facing charges for the obstruction of the investigation and destruction of evidence. Not sure why this is a poll question since the plea deal was released and we basically know the answer tinyurl com yjm26rmp

    Section (3)(d) on page 3:
    “Recommend that defendant be sentenced to a term of
    imprisonment no higher than the low end of the applicable Sentencing Guidelines range, provided that the offense level used by the Court to determine that range is level 15 or higher”

    Federal sentencing is extremely by-the-book (for better or worst) and United States Sentencing Commission publishes their sentencing guidelines manual. Assuming he has zero criminal record, the low end of a Level 15 sentence is 18 months incarceration.

    So as as a part of the plea agreement, the government will recommended 18 months. It would be unusual for the Judge to not accept an agreement both sides come up with.

    It looks like his original obstruction charge was level 14 (15 months min.) but the guidance has all sorts of “bonuses” such as making false statements (add two points / 6 months for each false statement), and two or three points for destroying evidence (another 6-9 months). So he likely would have been classified in a level in the low to mid 20’s (3 to 4 years min.) had he been convicted (federal prosecutors convict 95%+ of the time).

    So since there was no way he would win in trial, he took this deal to cut his time in half. Remember kids, if you want to do the crime, don’t put it on YouTube.