Poll: What Did You Think of Last Month’s Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena


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  1. Overhyped. The news media made it sound like “this may be the expose’ they have hidden from us for decades.” In the end, there was nothing of consequence–no “smoking gun”–no “little green men”–no major conclusions were drawn–just more “unexplained phenomenon”.

    Given that so many were at sea, I’m guessing that they were military. “Us” or “Theirs”? “Quien Sabe”?

  2. The probability of at least one more advanced civilisation, just in OUR galaxy is 1. The problem is timing: are they at the same stage as us? for example. Are they far more advanced than us? Whichever possible scenario you can think of, the likelihood of us contacting them and/or them contacting us is quite small, motly due to the time/distance between us and them!

    In summary ‘unexplained phenomena’ does not mean Aliens!@! It might, but it is a vanishingly small might. Apart from anything else, any civilisation capable of interstellar flight is highly unlikely to bother with noobies like us!

  3. Ever watch a cat chase after a moving light projected on a wall?
    I wonder if this isn’t some Uber secret imaging projected from a satellite in field trials! Holograms, perhaps, the kind that can trigger tracking sensors on board fighter aircraft and ships.
    It can explain how they magically instantaneously appear 60 or whatever miles away and ‘perform’ the various other antics that have been reported.
    Many years ago it was being “Toe to toe with the Russki’s”. I suspect this kind of tech, if indeed that’s what it is, can be useful when eventually we find ourselves, “Toe to toe with the Chinese”.
    That day is going to come, no doubt.

  4. “We have a picture with a fuzzy blob in it, and upon extensive investigation have determined it is picture with a fuzzy blob in it” pretty well summarizes decades of UFO investigation. And indeed, what else can you say about these things?

    • Camera technology has improved exponentially in the last 50 years, but UFO video hasn’t.
      It must be mind control; when we see an alien spaceship, they force us to pull out our worst camera, get some out of focus, shaky shots, and then upload it to YouTube in 240p!
      Way more effective than a cloaking device!

  5. I agree with Jim- the media hyped it up for ratings.
    What I do find puzzling- some of the videos that were widely circulated (purporting to be evidence of UAPs) had telemetry from the aircraft that filmed it. This telemetry contradicted the story from the pilots who were interviewed, and also made it possible to identify what was being filmed! Another video was clearly an out of focus airplane with standard anticollision lights. These were the videos featured on multiple news programs which precipitated the whole report!
    Check out the Thunderf00t channel on YouTube for breakdowns of the most viral UAP videos.