Poll: What Scares You The Most?


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  1. My greatest fear WOULD be engine or other mechanical failures, but I have the luxury of being in absolute personal control of all things mechanical on my experimental aircraft, so those concerns go to near-zero. I listed fear of mid-airs as top choice because of the incredibly good presentation of traffic information provided by the Garmin GTN750 that I placed in service a few months ago. I keep it in traffic mode when VFR, and I’ve been astonished by the amount of close-by traffic that it’s radar-like screen and audio alerts have revealed and made me aware of that would have gone completely unnoticed in the past(even of it was painting on my iPad). I’m really not that worried about mid airs- the sky is big so the chance of two aircraft occupying the same bit of it at the same time is small, but I am grateful for this added awareness.- Otis