Poll: What’s the Most You’ve Paid For Avgas?


Automotive gasoline prices have been steadily on the rise or at least volatile. This hasn’t uniformly impacted avgas prices, however. Some readers report breathtaking price hikes while others have noticed little change. This week’s poll asks what your experience has been.

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  1. Avgas is a big problem for us in California. I think the fuel problems will kill the buoyant airplane market, and drive pilots to other endeavors.

  2. Southern California avgas (at many smaller airports) was for a couple of weeks cheaper than our regular grade auto fuel. Avgas then went up and mogas declined somewhat, but at the moment the differential is still only about $0.45 with my home port 100LL $5.95. At towered airports though, it appears the sky’s the limit, example $8.65 for 100LL @ KPSP.

  3. Yes, Av Gas is on the rise. At my airport in West TN one year ago 100LL was 3.26 gallon now it is 4.78. Kennett, MO last year was in the mid 3 dollar range now it is 5.00. Elk City, OK was in the mid 3 dollar range now 5.00 Yes, it will put a damper on GA. All the airports mentioned are smaller GA airports. I use AirNav to find the cheapest fuel.