Poll: With Avgas Prices Increasing, Have You Considered Using Mogas?


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  1. I operate an FBO. We have used and sold auto fuel since it was first legal. We take the following precautions–for aircraft owner protection, as well as our own.

    We buy the fuel from a local refinery. Every load has a “birth certificate”–for our protection and the owner/pilot. It lists the minimum octane (most comes out at 94-96) and the Reid Vapor pressure (to eliminate blockages in warm weather–as well as the fuel batch number. All aviation avgas is transported in dedicated trucks that haul nothing BUT aviation fuel. Our fuel system has floating suctions and “dead stop” water detecting filters to prevent water issues–just like our 100 octane.

    Years ago, we had a pilot stop through returning from Oshkosh with a BT-13. He was an attorney, and said “I think I got a bad load of gas.” I told him “You picked the wrong people to tell THAT Fairy Tale to–we can account for every drop of gas since we started selling it!” We never heard from him again.

    We use it extensively in our own aircraft–and have never had a fuel-related issue. All aircraft have gone to TBO–and beyond. I tell those who may have a concern–“UNLIKE somebody bringing it in from a local gas station, we KNOW what the composition of our fuel is–and how it has been handled. We treat it just like we treat 100 octane–and have no issues.”