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We’re always amused when a theme crops up in any given batch of “Picture of the Week” entries. Since (presumably), our dozens of submitters aren’t in cahoots, it’s interesting to note when a large percentage of our photo entries share a similar feature. Some weeks, for example, we’ll get a selection that’s heavy on warbirds – or hot-air balloons – or (yes, it’s happened) pilots in funny hats.

This week, there was only one clear theme – almost every picture we considered for the top spot left us asking, “Now what’s the story on that?” Some we could figure out, but others left us guessing – and making up our own fantastic back stories. You’ll see what we mean when you dive into this week’s top submissions – but first, take a gander at our Official-AVweb-baseball-hat-winning photo from Jeffrey Burke of San Francisco. Ironically, his winning submission is the only one that didn’t inspire us to concoct a tale … .

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Used with permission of Jeffrey Burke

“Angels at the Gate / Close Call”
We received so many great photos from Jeffrey Burke
San Francisco, California that we just had to sneak two
of them into this week’s edition of “POTW.” Both photos of
the Navy’s legendary Blue Angels were taken during Fleet Week,
and (for the camera buffs), Jeff used a Canon EOS 1-D
Mark II 400mm camera F2.8 with 2x teleconverter.
Your baseball cap is on the way, Jeff!

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AVweb continues to receive a large number of excellent images for our POTW contest. Here are some of the runners-up. Click on the links below to view larger versions.

copyright Paul T. Gernhardt
Used with permission

“For Sale. Needs Annual …”
Paul T. Gernhardt
of Ashburn, Virginia
captured our imaginations this week, with a photo
he tells us was taken in Nassau (the Bahamas) of
a DC-3 “in about 60 feet of water.” Pictures may
be worth a thousand words, but this one left us
wanting to hear more of this DC-3’s story … .

Used with permission of Todd Kirsteatter

“Alpine Glow”
Todd Kirsteatter
of Manitowoc, Wisconsin –
where they have all the good names, apparently –
sent us this picture of “a friend’s Maule after we got
back from doing some landings near Port Alsworth,
Alaska.” Hmmm – another submitter
who leaves us wondering: What’s going on in
Port Alsworth this time of year?

Bonus Pictures

Here’s a quick selection of photos
that made us ooh and ahh this week,
even though we didn’t have space
for them in the Top Three!

Used with permission of Misty Marshall

“Leadville Warning Sign”
Misty Marshall of Conroe, Texas
got our blood pumping with a good,
old-fashing P-51 Mustang pic –
one that must have come from an
air show or a time travel expedition.

Used with permission of Randy Michael

“Brad’s No-Frills Flight”
“Some pilots will do just about anything to hang on
to a job,” writes Randy Michael of Channahon, Illinois.
(Maybe Wisconsin doesn’t have all the good names, after all.)
Actually, Randy tells us, the photo was taken during an
egress/ingress training session “for support of [a]
scientific project in Greenland.” (Once again,
a reader teases us by leaving out the most interesting
details – namely, for what sort of scientific project
do participants get egress/ingress training?!)

Used with permission of Len Fox

“Delta’s Newest Commuter Jet”
Finally, Michael White of Marietta, Georgia
delivers a little humor in this week’s “POTW” section:
“We all know the airlines are trying to get
‘leaner and meaner,'” writes Michael,
“but isn’t this taking downsizing a bit too far?”

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