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With 142 photos submitted, this week’s "POTW" was an especially tough call!  We managed to winnow the pile down to 40 really outstanding photos and then, through perseverance, to a mere fifteen photos.  When we looked at the names on those 15, we discovered some duplication, which gave us just the excuse we needed to trim our stack down to a manageable 10 photos.  (Whew!  That’s still plenty!)

One of our multiple contributors this week was Jeffrey Austin Randall of Clyde, Texas, who had three photos in our Top 15.  While it may have broken our hearts to leave out his Thunderbird photo, we think you’ll enjoy the one we chose as "Picture of the Week."  Naturally, Jeffrey will receive an official AVweb baseball hat for his contributions – and an equally official encouragement to keep going to air shows and taking pictures!

Want to see your photos here? Submit them for consideration, and each week we’ll run the best of the best in our Thursday AVwebFlash newsletter.  If your photo is chosen as the "Picture of the Week," we’ll even send you an AVweb hat as a token of our appreciation.


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Used with permission of Jeffrey Austin Randall


The other photos Jeffrey Austin Randall of Clyde, Texas submitted to this week’s contest were a little sexier – featuring more cool planes and airborne action – but we just had to run this one.  Here, Jeffrey caught a Major in the U.S. Air Force taking time to answer questions and share the love of flight with a youngster.

According to Jeffrey, the F-16 here was on display from the USAF Reserve’s 301st, based at Carswell Field in Ft. Worth, Texas.  The photo was taken at the 2006 Ft. Worth Alliance Air Show.

AVweb continues to receive a large number of excellent images for our POTW contest. Here are some of the runners-up.  Due to privacy issues, AVweb does not publish e-mail addresses of readers who submit photos.

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Used with permission of Mark Silvestri

Given the Choice, I’d Wing-Walk on a Stearman (Nice and Slow!)

Mark Silvestri of Upton, Massachusetts takes a pragmatic approach to a death-defying performance.  I suppose we’d have to agree with his assessment – if you’re going to take the risk (as pilot Walt Pierce and wing-walker Jenny Forsythe are doing), you might as well stack the deck in your favor.

Mark snapped this shot a couple of weeks ago over Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.


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Used with permission of Stoney Truett


It’s not often that a skyline photo (without a plane in it) is a serious contender for "Picture of the Week," but this breath-taking image fromStoney Truett of Cayce, South Carolina very nearly took the title.

"Returning home from a trip to the Bahamas, we passed through a line of storms – standard weather for the  summer in the southeast U.S. – and saw this sight," writes Stoney.  "I’ve got the best job in the world!"

(Second to looking at airplane pictures for a living, maybe.)


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Used with permission of Robert J. Mazur

Rocky Mountain High

Blue skies and a green grass strip!

Robert J. Mazur of Cochrane, Alberta (Canada) reminds us why we love this type of weather … .


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Used with permission of Guy Lynch

Artistic Effort at This Year’s Farnborough Air Show

It’s always nice to see a little air-show-grounds problem-solving at work.

Guy Lynch of Pewsey, Wiltshire (U.K.) reminds us how much fun it can be to wander the grounds and gawk at other people’s planes, with this photo he snapped at Farnborough.

Hmmm – now that we think about it, we didn’t see very many photos from Farnborough in the "POTW" contest this year.  (Hint, hint.)


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copyright Ales Litomisky
Used with permission

B-2 Spirit Flying Over Burbank

Ales Litomisky of La Crescenta, California treats us to the still-eerily-beautiful silhouette of a B-2 in flight.


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Used with permission of Donald L. Reid

A Few Well-Placed Lines and Curves

Donald L. Reid of Bumpass, Virginia was another AVweb reader who had multiple submissions in the Top 15 this week.  Here’s another guy who’d spend more time at air shows taking photos if we had our way.


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Used with permission of Ryan Johnson

A King Air Sunset

Ryan Johnson of Denair, California returns with "a nice, peaceful evening on the ramp before putting the stallion away."


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Used with permission of Bill Whitney

Alaskan Summer Days

Bill Whitney of Soldotna, Alaska tells us that he "caught no fish [on this trip], but didn’t really need to.  Just getting there was enjoyable enough!"


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Used with permission of Eric Hutchins

Oldies in Autumn

Eric Hutchins of Grand Rapids, Minnesota sees us off this week, as "11-year-old Labrador Joey and a 1946 Aeronca Champ gracefully show their age on a beautiful fall day."

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