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Welcome to AVweb’s “Picture of the Week”! Longtime readers areno doubt aware that we enjoy this feature as much (maybe even more?)than our readers – and we love to play our own little games with thephotos you submit to our informal contest each week. One of ourfavorite games is spotting the themes in reader submissions for a givenweek. Sometimes there will be a lot of sunset photo, or lots ofphotos of twin engine planes, or lots of air show photos. Thisweek, we could help noticing a very simple (but powerful) theme thatdoesn’t crop up all that often: scale. Most of the photos we gettend to linger over airplanes in close-up, intense detail – but thisweek, we had several photos that pushed the airplane a little furtherback, to show us the awesome majesty of the landscapes you were flyingover (or through).


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Used with permission of Gert Coetzee

EAF Over Table Mountain

Picking a top photo was tough this week, but when all was said and done,we thought this image from Gert Coetzee of Cape Town, SouthAfrica captured all the wonder and scale that seemed to be a prominenttheme of this week’s submissions. We were tempted to make it afour-way tie, but in the end, Cert takes home an official AVweb baseballcap as this week’s “POTW” winner!

Oh, yeah, in the photo: That’s Graham Chamberlain overTable Mountain.

AVweb continues to receive a large number of excellent images for our POTW contest. Here are some of the runners-up. Due to privacy issues, AVweb does not publish e-mail addresses ofreaders who submit photos.

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copyright Josh Cawthra
Used with permission

Smoke On

Josh Cawthra of Mobile, Alabama wasa serious contender for that hat, as well. He sent us two photosof Skip Stewart doing his thing at a local air show in Alabaster,Alabama, but this was our favorite.

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Used with permission of Ryan Johnson

Early Morning …

Ryan Johnson of Denair, Californiadidn’t give us much background on this photo – but does he really needto?

(This one got turned into a watermark image and went straight intoservice as the background image for one of our desktop applications atPOTW HQ. Sharp!)

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Used with permission of Peter Braswell

… and Late Evening Reflections

Would you believe this Stearman photo from Peter Braswell of Chesterfield, Virginia was so good italmost didn’t make it in to the competition? We were so captivatedby it, we saved the image directly to our “keep this one” folder andalmost forgot to copy it into the competition folder!

According to Peter, the photo was snapped at a recent EAA RegionalFly-In in Virginia.

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Used with permission of
Wesley Alan Taylor

Helio Missionary Aircraft Demo

Wesley Alan Taylor of Johnson City,Tennessee was another submitter who provided us with a great sense ofscale and background this week. (He also used another of thisweek’s recurring motifs: fog!)

The photo was taken during a demonstration flight at Hensley Airpark inChuckey, Tennessee last week.

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Photo by Theresa Koskella
Used with permission of Tom Staggs

Long-EZ Breaks Away Over Mt. Baker

As much as we love peeking into people’s cockpits, we enjoy a goodunderbelly shot from time to time, too. Fortunately,Tom Staggs of Redmond, Washingtonwas on hand this week with a dynamic shot taken by photographerTheresa Koskella.

Tom’s the one in the cockpit, along with navigator Sean Staggs.
Ken Koskella
flew the photo plane, another Long-EZ.

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Used with permission of John W. Taylor

Sanyo Eclipse of the Sun

(Oooh, now we’ve got that song stuck in our heads.)

The Sanyo Airship stayed overnight in Cape Girardeau, Missouri a coupleof weeks ago. John Taylor sawit off the next morning, taking this photo as the Sanyo team headedsouth.

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copyright Brian Emch/
Wings of Fury Aviation Photography
Used with permission of Brian Emch


Brian Emch of Lancaster, Californiawrites:

Taken in [the] evening of the last day of the Reno Air Races last month. These two boys had already been warned once by security not to go out to the A-10, which had just been towed out. This time around, they got chewed out pretty good. But that’s why there’s a fence, people!

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Used with permission of Honey Whittier

Tower Sunset

Honey Whittier of Glendale, Arizonatook this tower photo as her 16-year-old son was preparing for his solo.

Strangely, it arrived during the same week as another great ATC towerphoto – also shot in Arizona! We were torn as to which photo torun, but (fortunately for us), we noticed that our other was fromsomeone who’d been featured in recent months and decided to give Honey abit of the spotlight.

(Honey and Christopher: Both of you are welcome to send usphotos anytime!)

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Used with permission of Peter H. Grimm

(Insert Witty Sign Post Joke Here)

Rather than close on a skyline photo this week, we thought we’d leaveyou with a photo that had us both smiling and scratching our heads.Not that it’s particularly confusing, but – well, we just couldn’tdecide on a punchline!

Thanks to Peter Grimm of Minden,Nevada for brightening our afternoon.

Keep ’em coming,and we’ll see you here next Thursday!

A Reminder About Copyrights: Please take a moment to consider thesource of your image before submitting to our “Picture of the Week” contest.If you did not take the photo yourself, ask yourself if you are indeedauthorized to release publication rights to AVweb. If you’re uncertain,consult thePOTWRules orsend us an e-mail.