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Each week, we go through dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of reader-submitted photos and pick the very best to share with you on Thursday mornings. The top photos are featured on AVweb‘s home page, and one photo that stands above the others is awarded an AVweb baseball cap as our “Picture of the Week.” Want to see your photo on AVweb.com? Click here to submit it to our weekly contest.


The weather is beginning to cool down a bit at "POTW" world headquarters, and that means we’re spending more time indoors. Thankfully, AVweb readers from around the globe continue to submit their original photos to our weekly contest, helping us pass the time in style.

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Used with permission of Guy Lynch

Beautiful French Sunset – Microlight Style

Whereas we often close our weekly round-up of reader photos with a breathtaking sunset, we’re turning things on their head today. Guy Lynch of Pewsey, Wiltshire (U.K.) kicks off this week’s entries with plenty of orange and just a hint of crisp evening air. "[I] nearly put ‘no need for a caption,’" writes Guy – and he’d have been right to do so. Frankly, it can be a bit tough putting words to some of our favorite photos, so we know exactly what Guy was thinking.

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copyright Vahid Jahed
Used with permission

"Which Way Is Up?"

Hey, that’s no biplane! We’ll let it slide this time, but only because Vahid Jahed of Minden, Nevada vouches for you. (We’ve got our eye on you, Thunderbird!)

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copyright Mujahid Abdulrahim
Used with permission

Wheelchair Ramp

Mujahid Abdulrahim of Canoga Park, California explains his entry thusly:

My wife and I fly from Sunquest FBO at Whitman Airport in LA on weekends and evenings. Last Saturday, we sat on the ramp by our airplane and were photographing the weekend air traffic. Between us and the approach end of RWY 12 sat a wheelchair, dutifully tied down next to other aircraft, presumably saving a spot for a missing owner and aircraft.

What is a wheelchair doing tied down in the middle of a busy ramp? There are many puns to be made relating to wheelchair access ramps, but I will settle only for the most obvious one. [This photo shows the] chair waiting behind a Skymaster, seemingly in line for takeoff.

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copyright Brian Brooks
Used with permission of Jim Thrash


Jim Thrash of Edmond, Oklahoma tells a spate of bad weather in Dallas diverted this airliner to OKC. (Photo copyright Brian Brooks.)

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Used with permission of Michael Hudgins

Modern Airplane Sales

Well, maybe "modern" is a tiny bit misleading. Michael Hudgins of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma tells us this DC-3 was retired last year, but as the owner of a 1950 Packard 8 coupe, he just had to get this photo when the opportunity presented itself.

Michael also pointed out that his business, Genesis Aircraft Marketing "sell[s] much newer turboprop and jet aircraft" – and who are we to resist a carefully-crafted plug? Some might even say a little free exposure goes even further than an AVweb ball cap … .

Join us next week for more photos from AVweb readers around the globe. (Assuming, of course, that they take time to submit them!)

In the meantime, you can satisfy your craving for more reader-submitted pics by visiting the slideshow on AVweb‘s home page. Head on over there now.

A quick note for submitters: If you’ve got several photos that you feel are “POTW” material, your best bet is to submit them one-a-week! That gives your photos a greater chance of seeing print on AVweb, and it makes the selection process a little easier on us, too. 😉

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