Picture of the Week: Thanksgiving Day Edition


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It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. – time to reflect on theblessings of the year and spend a little time appreciating the goodthings that have come our way. “Picture of the Week” may not be anational institution, but you’d be hard pressed to find a web featuretoday that’s more thankful for its loyal readers (and contributors) thanthis one. So, before we delve into this week’s crop of photos, letus say “thank you” to everyone reading today’s AVweb news. Withoutyour pictures, your encouragement, your financial support (throughshopping with our sponsors), and your constant readership through theyears, we wouldn’t be here to look at airplane photos and have a bit offun with you every Thursday morning.


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copyright Christian Hauser
Used with permission

Sheer Power

The phrase “kick things off” has never beenmore appropriately used in a “POTW” column than it is here, with thisphoto Christian Hauserof Vienna, Austria. “Boeing’s chief type test pilot Ricardo Traven lets the Hornet thunder off for one of the displays at RIAT 2006,”writes Chris. “Really a mighty machine!”

Thanks for participating, Christian! As the submitter of this week’s leadphoto, you’ll be getting an official AVweb baseball cap and thank-younote in the mail. Keep your eyes peeled!

AVweb continues to receive a large number of excellent images for our POTW contest. Here are some of the runners-up. Due to privacy issues, AVweb does not publish e-mail addresses ofreaders who submit photos.

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copyright Daniel Valovich
Used with permission

Never Trade Air Speed for Altitude

Daniel Valovich of Hot Springs,Arkansas gives us something else to be thankful for: “During a fly-in at a grass strip inGlenwood, Arkansas, this departure caught my attention. [The pilot] just barely cleared the tree tops.”

A good photo – and perhaps an even better reminder to heed Daniel’sclosing, “Be careful out there!”

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Used with permission of Jens Meinecke

On the Way to Adoption

Jens Meinecke of Graceville,Queensland (Australia) snapped this shot of his Angelbear en route toits new owner on a mission for Angel Flights Australia.

If you’re unfamiliar with Angel Flights, they’re one more thing you canbe thankful for today. Find out more about this bear’s mission inJens’s personallog.

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Used with permission of
Kenneth M. Chapman

Sunrise over New Caledonia, UAL863

Kenny Chapman of Canby, Oregon hassent us some truly amazing sunsets in the past – and this one’s noexception.

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copyright Andrew Moore
Used with permission

#5 Title

Andrew Moore of New York City givesus a study in contrasts: “Michael Davis’ brand-new Cub Crafters SpotCub, taken from Michael Maniatis’s De Havilland Tiger Moth.”

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Used with permission of Nathan Luecke

As long as we’re looking back on the year and feeling thankful, why notcast our mind’s eye back to the distant past – and revisit lastThursday’s helicopter theme!

Hiding in the Grass

Nathan Luecke took this photo whileserving in the 1-25 Aviation Regiment in Hawaii. This, he tellsus, is Dillingham Air Field on the North Shore of Oahu. (From thelooks of things, this is the “field” part.)

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copyright Daniel Weaver
Used with permission

Where Is the Throttle?

Daniel Weaver of Alliance, Ohio asksthe question; we’re busy looking outside and hoping the PIC has thingsunder control.

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copyright Max Tardiveau
Used with permission

Sunset over Point Reyes, CA

Max Tardiveau of sees us off thisweek with another glorious, sunset.

Thanks, Max – and everyone else who’s taken time to contribute andparticipate in the “Picture of the Week” column. We’ll see youback here next week for more aviation photos!

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