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Pipistrel Produces 800th Airplane From Sinus/Virus Family

Pipistrel is proud to announce that recently aircraft no.800 from the Sinus/Virus family was completed. The aircraft will be shipped to the other side of the globe - to Argentina. 
This occasion was an opportunity for the Pipistrel team of over 100 members to take a photo next to the aircraft.

This time we are even more proud because the representatives of the customer travelled from the other side of the world to join us at this event! 
The Pipistrel distributor team from Argentina - Mr. Andre Hediger and Mr. Ernesto M. Hayes - "Teto" were eager to accept the keys from the representatives of Pipistrel at the company's HQ facility in Ajdovshčina.

Ivo Boscarol, the General Manager of Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovshčina, emphasized the meaning of this success for Pipistrel: 

"In the today's world of crisis in aviation industry it is an enormous achievement to produce 800 aircraft from the same line of products! This is a success on par with the 70's when the aviation was in the phase of its fastest development. The aircraft nowadays are produced in much smaller series, but we are going to reach and exceed the number 1000 within one year! This is now already certain due to the signed contract with Indian armed forces. This places Pipistrel in the leading position among all the producers of microlight aviation and LSA on the global scale."

This is another proof that Pipistrel's philosophy of energy efficiency, minimizing noise and consumption that we have been following for decades is correct and has now started to show its long-term results! Aviation all over the world is without doubt experiencing very fast evolution... but in Pipistrel we turned that into EcoLution!

Pipistrel is the market leader of efficient aircraft design and innovative electric and hybrid aircraft propulsion, with achievements such as: world's first fully electric 2-seat aircraft, world's first electric 4-seat aircraft and first aircraft available with three different types of propulsion: petrol engine, hybrid or electric. Such aircraft are very environment friendly and very quiet, which makes them ideal for surveillance work and special missions.

Pipistrel has been in existence since 1989 and in the 27 we produced over 1500 different aircraft. Together with the 800 aircraft from the Sinus/Virus family we sold 300 powered gliders (both petrol and electric-powered) and over 400 powered hang-gliders. The new line of products, the 4-seater Panthera was added recently.

Pipistrel aircraft won the NASA challenge for the "best small aircraft in the world" three times and the "European Business Award" for Innovation in 2010, being chosen as "the most innovative company in the European Union". Because of many important achievements, the president of the Republic of Slovenia, dr. Danilo Turk, decorated the Pipistrel team in 2011 with the highest civil award in the country: the Golden Order for services to the Republic of Slovenia. 
 The greatest success of the year 2015 was winning a tender of Indian Armed Forces and as a result, signing a contract to supply 194 aircraft to the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and National Cadet Corps. This is not just an enormous success for Pipistrel but also the largest single contract for the delivery of light aircraft in history! 

Nowadays Pipistrel focuses on developing green means of aircraft propulsion and aviation platforms for special missions and all kinds of aerial work; such as IR photography, optical and 3D mapping, scanning of terrain, tracking and surveillance. 

Pipistrel would like to thank all our customers, distributors and promoters, our business associates and of course all our media supporters! Without you all this successes would not be possible!